How to write a landing page for problem-aware visitors

All the optimizing in the world can’t fix a landing page that doesn’t match your visitor’s expectations.

With the rising cost of PPC campaigns and the mad competition of organic search, the wrong messaging (especially at the top of the funnel) will lead to higher bounce rates than Ice Cube in the 90s. 

God that’s a solid reference. Anyway…

Landing pages should never be a one-size-fits-all experience.

Presenting the same message to everyone —  cold traffic, warm traffic, email subscribers,  long-time customers — is a good way to come across as tone-deaf.


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How a Unique Selling Proposition for Our Content Marketing Doubled Revenue

They say it takes 6-12 months for content marketing and SEO to “start working.”

Does that seem like a long time for you? It does to me…

John Bonini and his team at Litmus took six months before his traffic started to climb:

Marcus Sheridan was blogging on and saw a traffic increase in six months. 

And that was by posting 2-3 times a week back in the SEO glory-days of years gone bye.

AND he was spending a crap-ton of money on PPC. 

(Do not confuse this with a metric ton. Or

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Speaking the Language of Coronavirus: An analysis of the words and phrases that spread viral content

Between March 10 and April 23 there was an approximately 1478% increase in engagement with coronavirus-related content:

So – aside from the obvious – why are we obsessively consuming this content?
Why, when your area may not even have cases of coronavirus yet, do you find yourself reading and thinking about it constantly?
And can we – as marketers – reverse-engineer this mass viral content outbreak to better understand how information spreads?
Here are three key insights that doing this can teach us:
1. Understand behavioural psychology as it relates to our current circumstances.

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How to spot bad headlines before they make your visitors bounce – an intro to easy copy validation

User testing tools aren’t just for user testing experts.
In fact, five-second tests offer a quick, easy and (relatively) cheap way for copywriters and digital marketers to run quick checks on their copy (“copy validation”).
Most of us know we need to use data to help us know what to write. But you should also use data to help you spot if you hit or missed the mark.
That’s where copy validation comes in. When you validate your copy, you boost confidence in your work knowing that it’s making a great

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