4 Creative (and Aboveboard) Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Promoting your content has clear short-term benefits — like attracting new readers, social shares, and comments.
But did you know it’s also a critical part of your search engine optimization strategy?
Even the best on-page SEO efforts don’t work as well if no one links to your site, so one of your biggest jobs is spreading the word out about your content.
Think of it this way:
You’ve got to attract incoming links to rank well in search engines, and no one is going to link to you if they don’t know you exist.
In this post, we’ll talk about why content promotion is important for SEO and how to create your own content promotion system.
Why is content promotion important for SEO?
After you publish a piece of content, your next goal is to get people to engage with that content.
When people like your content, they’ll share it on social media and link to it from their sites, which sends search engines a “thumbs-up” signal.
That signal says, “This is high-quality content,” and you want as many of those votes as possible.
People share content from sites they know and trust, and they often visit those sites from their favorite social media platforms and their inboxes — so that’s exactly where you want to show up.
Not sure how to get started? Try these four techniques:
1. Reach out to your network
While I wouldn’t recommend emailing bloggers and editors you don’t already have relationships with, don’t forget about

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