Why Your Greatest Asset May Be Slowly Eroding (and How You Can Rebuild It)

“Why are we sending this email to this list again?” Kim asked.
I was incredulous. “Umm, because we never sent it a first time,” I thought to myself.
Still, before responding, I decided to check. Glad I did.
It turned out we had indeed sent the same information to the same email list a week prior. And I was the one who wrote that original email.
So why had I forgotten about writing it to such an extent that I wasn’t even hit with a pang of remembrance while planning and writing a second, similar email?
It seems I was losing control of one of my most basic and important assets. I wonder if anything like this has happened to you recently.
Your greatest asset (it may not be what you think)
In terms of your ability to succeed as a writer, marketer, or digital entrepreneur, what is your greatest asset that you should protect above all others?
It has to be your audience, right? Represented as your list of customers, members, and subscribers.
It’s more fundamental than that.
Okay, then it’s your website, yes? Which enables you to attract, retain, and convert visitors into subscribers, members, and customers.
It’s way more fundamental than that.
How about your knowledge and experience? Which enable you to build authority and a website with useful information.
Wrong again.
It’s even more fundamental than that.
What must you be able to do to gain experience, as well as build and retain knowledge?
Two things:

You have to be able to pay attention.

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