The Savvy Marketer’s Checklist for Seductive Landing Pages

Ever wonder what you could do to stop people from bouncing off your landing pages?
You work hard to polish your sales copy. You’ve even recorded a snazzy demonstration video.
But when you check your site’s analytics? You feel soooo frustrated.
And the worst thing is … you don’t know what else you can do. How can you improve your conversion rates?

Use the 40 tips in our landing page checklist to see where you’ve gone wrong.
Or, use the checklist to create a landing page from scratch. See your email list grow faster, your webinars sell out, and your product sales go through the roof.
You can download and save our editable PDF of this checklist (98 KB) and use it whenever you want to improve your landing pages.
Ready to learn about seductive landing pages?
Let’s start at the beginning.
Achieve your goal with focus
When working on your landing page, it’s easy to get lost in details. Green or red call-to-action buttons? This or that word?
But you can’t write persuasive copy if you don’t get the basics right first.
First, define your goals:

Who: Understand who you target with your offer — if you target more than one buyer persona, you probably need more than one landing page.
What: State the precise value you offer your web visitors — even if your offer is free.
Why: List the reasons why readers want to accept your offer — what’s in it for them?
Why not: Understand what’s holding people

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