Everybody’s Working for the Weekday

Why do we spend so much time researching, creating, optimizing, and promoting our content?
“Geez, Stefanie. That’s a silly question,” you might be thinking. “You of all people should know that content marketing helps with our business goals. In fact, you wrote about that last week.”
And you’d be absolutely correct.
But that’s not what I want to focus on today. I want to look at the personal motivations and goals of people who decide to become writers and content marketers — people like you.
The eye-roll heard round the world
When I hear people glamorize writing as a profession, I buy a one-way airplane ticket to Eye-roll-Ville and fly high above the fantasy that writing is a special job.
Writing is hard work and always incomplete.
Why would someone think it’s exciting and “cool” to be a writer?
That’s the question that always brings me back down to Earth because the answer is … being a writer is actually that exciting and cool. I need to remember that.
The hard work part is still real, but the personal joy writing produces is incomparable. “Fulfilling” is an understatement.
Perhaps the most driven to communicate clearly, artists who are writers take on many different roles. They’re teachers, mentors, philosophers, trailblazers, revolutionaries.
They don’t just “do work,” they love the work they do.
Personal goals can fuel business goals
In the 1981 hit “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy, the sentiment is that we have to get through the week. The weekend is what we look forward

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