Your Content Marketing Won’t Work Without This

“What is copy?”
My wife asked me this a few days ago.
I had been going on and on at dinner, hands gesturing, spittle flying, talking about something work-related. She waited patiently until I was finished to ask.
Her question jarred me. It had been a while since I’d thought about what “copy” is. And in that moment, my immediate reaction was to remember how I used to hate the word.
It always felt … pretentious … to me.
I used to hear phrases like “ad copy” and “website copy” and cringe. I’d think:
“Just say ad text or website text. Who calls it ‘copy?’ That doesn’t even make sense.”
Then I started working for Copyblogger. I also binge-watched Mad Men right around that time.
Needless to say, I quickly got what “copy” meant. And it’s made all the difference.
It’s also easy to take for granted.
Because it’s easy to get so focused on the latest content marketing technique that we overlook the most important element of any single piece of content marketing that actually works: the writing.
The copy.
So let’s refresh …
What is copy?
Copy is a type of writing intended to drive a specific action.
Email copy includes words sent in an email that have a specific goal in mind (getting you to click on a link, for example).
Website copy includes words published on a website that have a specific goal in mind (getting you to fill out a contact form, for example).
Ad copy includes the words I

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