The Career-Expanding Discovery Many Profitable Writers Have Made

The struggle when I started my freelance writing service business looked like this:

I was fascinated with crafting words that accurately conveyed a message.
I hadn’t extensively studied journalism or entertainment writing because those weren’t career paths I wanted to pursue.
I knew that offering basic content writing services for businesses — filling up pages with words — would not pay high rates.

And I completely understood why filling up pages with words was not valued. Nothing is worse than paying for a service that doesn’t produce results.
When writers charge low fees for content writing that doesn’t persuade prospects to take action, two dangerous things happen:

It’s difficult to support yourself through your writing services.
Your clients don’t make new sales.

If a client thinks that the money they paid you was a waste because they didn’t make it back in sales, they’ll view you as interchangeable with any other writer — and there’s probably someone else who charges even less than you for a comparable lack of results.
This situation perpetuates the cycle of writers thinking that making a living off of their craft is unrealistic and businesses devaluing writers because they aren’t familiar with the power of the right words.
When clients see what the right words can do, though, everything changes.
Smart businesses value copywriting
To end the disappointing cycle, you need to offer the proper balance of content marketing and copywriting.
As Jerod wrote yesterday:
“Copy’s for closers.”
Once I learned about copywriting, my writing business benefitted in two main ways:

I was able to

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