Showrunner ‘Short': The 4 Essential Elements of a Remarkable Podcast

Do you want to create a podcast for listeners?
Or do you want to deliver a remarkable audio experience to your audience?
In this reprisal of his presentation at Authority Rainmaker, Jerod Morris dives deep into the four essential elements of a remarkable audience experience.
You’ll learn:

Why the general perception of the term “showrunner” is too limiting
How Jerod’s method of proposing to his now-fiancée was a quintessential example of responsibility for an audience experience
The step you should take right now if you’re considering launching a podcast
What authenticity really is (and isn’t), and how to create an authentic connection with your audience
How to ensure that every single episode you publish is useful to your audience
Why sustainability is so simple to explain but so difficult to do
What the elements of podcast profitability are — and which one is most important

Plus a lot more — including an impassioned call to action at the end that you won’t want to miss. It might just change how you view your relationship to your topic, your audience, and your show.
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