Beyond Chitchat: Here’s How to Extract Expert Knowledge From Your Next Interviewee

What’s the best way to get interviewees to reveal their expert knowledge on your podcast and provide value to your listeners?
For several years, I worked as a radio producer for an Irish national radio station, and I had the opportunity to study master interviewers at work.
While researching this article, I found many expert podcasters approach interviews with the same mindset and focused techniques as professional broadcasters.
So, how do you conduct an engaging business interview people will remember?
Here’s how to run an audio interview like a professional broadcaster in five straightforward steps.
Step 1: Research your guests in advance
The hosts of the radio shows I produced made time to read briefs about their interviewees and research the type of questions they were going to ask. They didn’t just turn up on the day of the interview and wing it.
This research process is equally important for professional podcasters who want to make their guests feel welcome and provide a superior experience for their audiences.
Joanna Penn, host of The Creative Penn Podcast, conducts extensive research before each podcast to ensure that her interviewees are relevant to her audience who wants to hear about writing, publishing, book marketing, and creative entrepreneurship.
“I target people to interview because I’ve read their book or heard them on another show. I will Google them, listen to their podcast, and visit their website,” Penn said.
As the host of the Runner Academy Podcast, Matt Johnson’s audience is different from Penn’s, but he also

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