The Minimum Viable Paradox: How Doing Less Leads to More

True confession: I built my online business in the most backward way possible. And I’m here to share my sordid tale so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.
I want to save you from years of frustration, months of waffling, and full days of stumbling around in a fog.
If only I had this information when I started!
But it brings me some consolation to know that you’ll have it. That you won’t need to experience the painful process of birthing an online business quite the same way I did.
Let’s start with what not to do.
Overachievers Anonymous, our meeting has begun
Back in late 2009, I signed up for Copyblogger’s Teaching Sells course.
I had been running my design and marketing firm for almost 20 years. I was longing for a change of pace and a new challenge.
And creating an online business based on the expertise I’d built up for decades seemed like a great idea.
So I dug into the full Teaching Sells course with the hunger of someone who needed to know everything. And it delivered everything I needed, and more.
I took many pages of notes. I bounced ideas off of other students in the forum. I tuned in to the Q&A sessions. I was all-in.
I was inspired.
And I decided, in all my overachieving glory, that I needed to build something similar to what I was experiencing in Teaching Sells.
I wanted to create an Interactive Learning Environment to teach my area of expertise: building a brand

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