The One Irrefutable, Universal Law of Podcasting Success

There is no secret to podcasting success. There is just this:
Show up.
Show up reliably.
Show up reliably over time.
Showing up isn’t half the battle. It’s not 90 percent of the battle. It is the battle.
It’s the battle for audience attention — that grueling war of attrition in which attitude always triumphs over aptitude.
And your attitude is revealed by when you show up, how you show up, and how long you show up over time.
It’s simple to say. It’s hard to do.
Which is why the rewards are so great for those who stick it out.
Like these guys …
Marc Maron has produced 614 episodes of WTF since he launched the show in September 2009. On Monday, he interviewed the President of the United States.
The latter does not occur without the former.
Marc Maron shows the hell up.
Demian Farnwoth has published four new episodes of Rough Draft every week since launching in mid-March of this year. He already has 60 5-star reviews in iTunes.
Jonny Nastor has published three new episodes of Hack the Entrepreneur per week since launching in September 2014. He already has 253 5-star reviews in iTunes.
Demian Farnworth and Jonny Nastor show the hell up reliably.
I have hosted a live postgame show immediately after nearly every Indiana basketball game since the beginning of the 2011–12 season. There are now more than 1,000 people on our email list, a handful of whom donated money to our show before we ever asked for any

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