Catch More Writing Mistakes With This Underutilized Proofreading Trick

Proofreading is simple.
That may seem like a sacrilegious statement coming from someone who spent years justifying that proofreading is a specialized skill to condescending critics.
But I want to show you a simple proofreading trick, so you are able to review your writing like a professional proofreader — even if you only have time to proofread your writing once.
This underutilized technique will help you spot and correct errors in your digital content that you’ve previously glossed over.
The difference between proofreading and just reading
A common misconception is that proofreading is the same activity as reading. Why would someone pay a professional proofreader when anyone who knows how to read could point out mistakes in a piece of writing?
This attitude can be an obstacle for freelance proofreaders looking for work.
But ultimately, as many proofreaders discover, rather than trying to attract writers who “don’t get it,” it’s more effective to speak to those who already understand the value of a thorough, professional proofreading.
It’s a lesson that can be applied to any type of digital business:
Appeal to people who already want and understand the value of your product or service — the right prospects. Don’t try to win over people who are not interested in what you do — the wrong prospects.
This proofreading trick is a clear example of why the activity of proofreading is unlike just reading.
Now, take off your writer beret and put on your proofreader fedora, so you can view your writing like someone

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