Little-Known Strategies for Using LinkedIn Groups Effectively

LinkedIn Groups are a powerful way to build authority and leads for your business … if you know how to use them correctly.
The Missing Link host Sean Jackson loves LinkedIn Groups. They provide an effective and free way to establish connections online, while also helping you build your authority.
But the real power of LinkedIn is in owning your own group. And while anyone can start a group on LinkedIn, the smart marketer looks for ways to go beyond the obvious.
In this entertaining episode of The Missing Link, Jabez Lebret — bestselling author, speaker, and marketing consultant — provides in-depth tactics that you can use today to grow your business leads.
In this episode of The Missing Link, host Sean Jackson and Jabez Lebret discuss a wide range of topics, including:

Should you start a group or participate in an existing one?
The best way to start a discussion in an existing group
Smart ways to build relationships in groups
And the biggest secret revealed: how to take over an existing group!

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