Introducing Unemployable: Smart Strategies for Ambitious Freelancers and Solopreneurs

Last year, I did a cool exercise. The idea was to identify the one word that represents your life philosophy. The word I ended up with was further, which some of you know is now the title of a personal development newsletter I write.
But before I ended up there, the word that came immediately to mind (and prompted laughter from everyone in the room) was unemployable. I’ve been referring to myself as “unemployable” for many years, and it’s a common joke among entrepreneurs and freelancers.
For me, I’m not sure I’m joking at all.
After 17 years and nine businesses (eight of which succeeded), I’ve run the gamut of roles and levels of sophistication outside the traditional world of employment. It’s been quite a ride, and one thing’s for certain … I have no intention of switching over to a job anytime soon.
My true passion is entrepreneurism, more so than marketing or even content. In fact, when I first started Copyblogger (back before content marketing turned into a $44 billion industry) my intention was to help turn writers into entrepreneurs.
Sometimes that even worked. Which brings us to my latest project.
What is Unemployable?

In a nutshell, I draw upon my own 17-year evolution from solo to CEO to help freelancers and entrepreneurs take it to the next level. I’ll be joined by some very smart people who will also share their advice and wisdom.
Here’s what you’ll get when you register at no charge:

Weekly Audio Lessons –

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