What Does it Mean to be Unemployable?

Brian Clark has been referring to himself as “unemployable” for many years now, and it’s a common joke among entrepreneurs and freelancers. For Brian, he’s not sure he’s joking at all.
Of course, the literal meaning of the word “unemployable” is no laughing matter. There are way too many people in the world who have been left behind without basic skills and opportunities for meaningful employment and the ability to earn a living wage. Let’s acknowledge that upfront.
But that leads us to a bigger issue that will become one of our themes for this show and the free webinars and other training that Brian will be delivering to Unemployable members. We’ll call it becoming technologically unemployable.
In this episode of Unemployable, host Brian Clark discusses:

The coming perils of robots and automation
Why having a job makes some more miserable than most
What “psychologically unemployable” means
Why Brian felt flawed for not appreciating his job
The fundamental skill you need to avoid a J.O.B.

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