The 5 Words that Are Key to Podcast Monetization

To start, run, and grow a podcast takes time. A lot of time.
Putting in the effort it takes to show up consistently every week and build an engaged audience takes work. A lot of work.
Podcasting is a crappy hobby, but it’s a great job. – Roman Mars of the 99% Invisible podcast
Podcasting is a great job, and the only way for it to become one is through proper monetization.
Attracting and maintaining relationships with sponsors
This past weekend, I had the honor of participating on a panel at Podcast Movement. The panel was hosted by Erik Harbison, CMO of AWeber.
Joining me on the panel was Sarah van Mosel, Vice President of Sponsorship at New York Public Radio; Lex Friedman, Head of Podcast Ad Sales at Midroll; and Pat Flynn, host of the Smart Passive Income Podcast.
Our discussion weaved in and out of the best strategies for attracting and successfully maintaining relationships with your sponsors. The key being relationships, and how these relationships need to provide value to all parties involved.
Erik wrapped up the panel by asking all of us to respond to the same question in five words or less.
The question was: what one piece of advice can you offer the nascent or advanced podcaster or sponsor?
Don’t wait to get started. – Pat Flynn
Make the ads as good as the content. – Sarah van Mosel
Do ads you’re comfortable with. – Lex Friedman
Build relationships and be human. – Jon Nastor
Four podcast monetization methods
Other methods of

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