The Tightwad’s Guide to Creating Competitive Content on a Budget

Do you need to spend a lot of money to create exceptional content?
In a word, no.
The barriers to entry for publishing on the Internet are extremely low. That’s why we see so much mediocre content everywhere we look.
But you’re here reading Copyblogger. That tells me that “mediocre content” is a phrase that’s not part of your vocabulary. You’re aiming to create content that’s remarkable. Content that attracts an audience and builds your business.
Today we’re going to cover how to produce winning content on a budget. A really small budget.
The fact is, you don’t need to outspend the competition.
You need to outthink them.
1. Gather ideas from all over
The first tip involves a mindset shift.
It’s about seeing the world around you — both your business world and your personal life — as a source for ideas. Because when you’re creating content on a regular basis, the world can inspire your writing if you let it.
Some of the most interesting content forms when you take a seemingly unrelated aspect of your life and apply it to your content marketing.
To explore this concept, read The Content Crossroads: Supernatural Success at the Intersection of Ideas.
Once you shift your mindset to one of always-on idea gathering, you’ll need a place to capture and save your ideas.
Look for something you’ll always have on hand, whether it’s a small notebook you carry around or an app on your computer or mobile phone. Make sure it’s easy and fast to use, and

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