13 Tantalizing Incentives that Will Build Your Email List

Need a quick way to entice someone to join your email list or register for your website? Give away something for free.
By giving away something site visitors can download or access instantly, you can break through your readers’ hesitations about handing over their email addresses. And you earn their trust by giving them something useful immediately .
Some call it a “bribe,” some call it an “incentive,” and some call it a “freebie.” Whatever you call it, this technique can bring in big results as a list-building strategy.
But finding the right incentive for your audience — something that really makes people stand up and take notice — can be tricky.
Whether they’re opting in to an email list or registering to become a free member of your site, they’ve got to overcome their initial hesitation.
How to create an irresistible incentive
As with everything in content creation, you need to keep your ideal customer in mind when you’re dreaming up your incentive.
What can you create that people will be incredibly excited to receive? You want them to look at your form and say, “Yes, I absolutely must have that!”
Start by generating a list of possibilities — ideas you can create quickly and test out.
To get you started with your own brainstorming, here’s a list of 13 ideas for enticing freebies to give away in exchange for an email address.
1. A cheat sheet
Everyone wants to do things the faster and easier way — sometimes

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