Rainmaker Rewind: How Oscar Nominee Emma Donoghue, Screenwriter of ‘Room,’ Writes

Editor’s Note: For all you audiophiles out there, we are pleased to begin syndicating Rainmaker Rewind, a quick, curated look at top picks of the week from Rainmaker.FM!
This week’s edition of Rewind features our recent interview with Emma Donoghue, Oscar nominee and author/screenwriter of Room.
In this episode of “The Writer Files,” international bestselling author and critically acclaimed screenwriter Emma Donoghue chats with host Kelton Reid about her writing process and adapting her best-known work into an award-winning movie.

In addition to writing for the screen, stage, and radio over her prolific career, this multi-genre author has had her popular fiction translated into more than 40 languages.
Her 2010 novel Room was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and won a New York Times Book of the Year award, among others.
The film adaptation of the book has been nominated for four Oscars — including Best Adapted Screenplay — for Ms. Donoghue’s stunning first full-length script.
Listen in to Parts One and Two at the links below:
The Writer Files: Emma Donoghue, Part One
The Writer Files: Emma Donoghue, Part Two
But wait, there’s (a lot) more!
From the beginning (almost one year ago!) of Rainmaker.FM, we’ve been producing up to six incredible podcast episodes a day, four days a week.
That’s a lot of content to select just one favorite per week from, so here are two more picks from the last few days to keep you going through the week:

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