Is Social Media Making Us Dumb?

It’s 2016, and Skynet doesn’t need to send Terminators to wipe us out. A new gaming app ought to do the trick.
I’ve seen the best minds of my generation destroyed, made starving and hysterical by Kim and Amber posting a selfie.
The over-the-top tomfoolery of the current election in the U.S. The crumbling of even minimal scientific literacy. The Kardashians.
We’re living in a culture that can’t stop asking if it can haz cheezburger, and it is rendering us … stupid.
Right? Wrong? Maybe.
Yes, we are distracted
And yes, that’s a problem.
I asked the most “plugged-in” person I know, Howard Rheingold — he’s Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for the Future, as well as a Studied Lecturer on Virtual Community/Social Media at Stanford — what he thinks about social media distraction.
Here’s what he had to say about it:
It’s legitimate to claim that our use of social media may be making us shallow, and it’s hard to dispute the finding of [the] Pew Internet and American Life survey that one in six Americans admit to bumping into someone or something while texting and walking …
If there’s ever a reason not to text and walk here it is.
— The Darwin Awards (@AwardsDarwin) February 3, 2016

If you’re looking for reason to despair at the future of our civilization, all you need to do is get into a car. The roads are blocked with drivers pulling ever-more random moves while updating Periscope and playing game after game of

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