Why Haters Are the Petri Dish of Great Content Marketing

Haters are the early warning detection system for your business, much like a canary in a coal mine. Haters are not the problem … ignoring them is.
In fact, haters are your most important customers because when they complain, they provide free market research about what you can improve and how you can use content marketing to prevent future complaints.
The real problem for your business isn’t the haters; it is the people who have a poor experience but are not passionate enough about you and your company to take the time to say something about it. They are the “meh” in the middle, and they are what kill businesses.
And the people who love your business aren’t all that useful either. Praise is the most overrated commodity because when someone tells you what you’re great at, it teaches you nothing.
The best business lessons are born from criticism, not pats on the back.
Negativity is a great teacher
One benefit of paying attention to and embracing negative feedback is the ability to glean insights about your business that can improve your operations and processes.
Frank Eliason understands how this works and has captained these programs for very large companies that attract a high volume of customer feedback, including the television and Internet access company, Comcast, and Citi, where he served as the global director of the client experience team. Eliason is also the author of the excellent book @ Your Service.
“The best dollars and cents come when

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