How to Save and Use Your Content Ideas

You know those blog posts that share 267 topic ideas for your next piece of content?
This is not one of those posts.
There are lots of posts with topic ideas. But how — and where — do you keep track of those ideas?
That’s what today’s post is going to cover. Because what’s the use of saving content marketing ideas for a rainy day if you can’t find them when the storm starts?
The cursed cursor
We’ve all been there. It’s the day before your post is due. You’re staring at your screen as sweat beads on your upper lip.
“What should I write about?” you wonder.
Those “topic idea” blog posts are only partially useful when you need something to write about, because random blog post ideas may not resonate with your audience.
Your job as a content marketer is to make the connection between the conceptual approach of a topic idea and what your audience needs and can use.
In other words, make sure your approach to the information you’ll share will resonate with the readers you’re trying to attract before you blindly adopt a topic idea.
It usually works better to generate ideas yourself. There are a handful of dependable sources for post ideas:

Read your blog or podcast comments. Readers and listeners will share their questions and let you know if they’re confused about anything. Answer their questions in your next piece of content.
Read comments on social media platforms. Study your own company accounts or accounts that belong to

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