Why I Don’t Give a Damn about #TheDress

Six months (or six days) from now, maybe I’ll come update this topic with the latest trending topic. Because #TheDress, the latest distraction-of-the-moment, will feel utterly tired.
One reason that earning attention isn’t the same thing as earning business is that the Internet is prone to these little waves of irrelevance that hook everyone in for a few moments.
CMO.com did a nice job talking about who “won” the war for the attention created by the trending topic #TheDress.
And I don’t care. Not even a tiny bit. Here’s why.
Conversations about how giant brands leverage the “volume of social conversation” just document a pitiful attempt to strip-mine attention.
Which is fine if you’re a huge company with more money than you know what to do with, and no real business objectives you need to focus on.
Ethically, it probably beats frightening people with imagined inadequacies so you can sell them toothpaste.
CMO.com makes the case that Adobe “won” that particular round with a clever retweet that mentioned one of their products.
I think it’s perfectly great that Adobe has smart people on their social media team. I would kind of hope so. Adobe’s products fuel a huge chunk of the creatives on this planet, so you’d expect them to attract some clever, socially adept folks to pay attention to the Twitter stream.
And I think it’s kind of wonderful that it’s someone’s job to be smart about what to retweet, and get paid by Adobe for it. It’s one of those

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