5 Simple Touches that Deliver a Warm Welcome to New Email Subscribers

You know the old adage: you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
That maxim is certainly true in the email marketing world. Your email welcome message is the first message new subscribers receive when they register for a free account with your site or subscribe to your email list.
A well-crafted welcome message creates an initial connection with a new subscriber. It’s the first step toward establishing a solid long-term relationship with that person.
But all too often, content marketers treat their email welcome messages as afterthoughts — notes they write as quickly as possible so they can get to more important tasks.
That’s a huge wasted opportunity. Read on to discover five essential elements of effective welcome emails. At the end, I’ll also share three optional elements you can try.
1. Recognizable information in the sender name field and subject line
If possible, include a real person’s name in the sender name field of your email, instead of a company name. Your new subscribers will be more likely to open your welcome email if it’s sent by a recognizable individual.
Also, don’t get too clever with the subject line of your email. It should clearly state what the subscriber has signed up for or what you promised in your opt-in form.
Here are two examples of clear, recognizable welcome message subject lines:

From Anne Samoilov of AnneSamoilov.com: “[LWT Sample] Welcome, and your sample starts today!”
From Kim Garst of Boom! Social: Welcome to Boom! Social

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