The Secret Tactic All Successful Online Marketers Use

Have you ever wondered how sites like Copyblogger succeed?
There are tons of websites offering content marketing advice, but not all of them are successful. Why is that?
Because most online marketers fail to create communications that inspire action from their audiences.
Yes, writing well matters — as well as engagement, landing pages, design, etc. But they are not the single most important element that gets your audience to act.
There is a tactic that professional online marketers use that has proven over the years to work better than any other — a tactic so powerful that we have created a new podcast to help you incorporate it into your marketing efforts.
So, what is this tactic? Read on to learn more …
The power of exclusivity
Exclusivity is defined as being limited or hard to access, restricted to those of wealth or prominence.
And we see it manifest itself in a variety of ways.
From the people who spend a small fortune to obtain a credit card in a certain color to the ones who go into debt just so they can have access to a VIP area.
Exclusivity is a very powerful motivator to get people to act. Fundamentally, it is about charging a premium for something that is limited and hard to obtain, but it’s more than just money.
In most cases, exclusivity is designed to reinforce our egos, helping us define the perception of ourselves by appealing to our desire to be unique and special.
This is why exclusivity

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