The Question of Asking Questions

Compare these 2 pop-ups side by side:

They’re exactly the same – except for the headline.
Which one do you think converts better over at
I’ll tell you soon.
But to attempt to answer that question, we need to think through this:

Should you ask questions in your copy?
Should you “get personal” or establish familiarity in your copy?
What happens when a button does or doesn’t reflect a headline? (take a look at the opt-out button above to see what i mean)

Should you ask questions in your copy?
Questions are tricky things.
The words you use

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Choices, Consequences and the Reason Every Pop-Up Box Needs 2 Buttons: Opt In, and Opt Out

Check out our list growth over the last 18 months:

The graph starts in October 2013. Ticks along quietly for about a year. And then, as of October 2014, starts to swing up noticeably.
We went from daily sign-ups in the double digits… to daily sign-ups in the triple digits.
In this post, we’ll tell you exactly what changed.
Let’s start with where we were coming from.
(Hint: It’s probably where you’re coming from.)
We’d Been Using All the Tried, Tested and True Tricks to Get Signups… To Meh Results
About a hundred thousand posts have been written about

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