Is A/B testing failing you? Here are 19 shorter, faster paths to growth

You’re trying to grow your SaaS startup.
You’ve heard all the reasons why you should be engaging in conversion rate optimization (CRO)…
Naturally A/B testing has come up more than once in your CRO discussions.
You’ve even run a test or two. Or seventeen.
Yet despite your efforts, testing isn’t having anything resembling a material impact on your MRR. And now you’re jaded over the whole failed promise of split-testing…
You’ve come to the right place. We love A/B testing ’round these parts because, like you, we love learning. (That’s why you’re reading

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The Question of Asking Questions

Compare these 2 pop-ups side by side:

They’re exactly the same – except for the headline.
Which one do you think converts better over at
I’ll tell you soon.
But to attempt to answer that question, we need to think through this:

Should you ask questions in your copy?
Should you “get personal” or establish familiarity in your copy?
What happens when a button does or doesn’t reflect a headline? (take a look at the opt-out button above to see what i mean)

Should you ask questions in your copy?
Questions are tricky things.
The words you use

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