Social Proof: 5 new studies that prove its continued persuasive power

Because social proof has become such a mainstay in marketing, it’s easy for marketers to grow numb to it. You forget that social proof is one of Cialdini’s most persuasive principles. So here are 5 new studies to remind you about the persuasive power of social proof.
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Take the guesswork out of book cover design with user testing (a Copyhackers case study)

Preference testing isn’t just for testing copy. You can also use it to test book cover designs. Here’s how we used UsabilityHub to test cover designs. AND launch The Copyhackers Classics Series (cover reveals included).
The post Take the guesswork out of book cover design with user testing (a Copyhackers case study) appeared first on Copywriting for startups and marketers.

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Tool roundup: Best email marketing software for small businesses

If you’re newer and not in need of rich feature sets:

MailerLiteDripConvertKitConstant ContactMailChimpAweber

When you’re serious about email marketing:


Now let’s get into WHY!

You’ve heard about the impact email marketing can have on your marketing strategy, but:

You haven’t quite figured out where to start.

You know you need a good email service, but with so many email marketing software options on the market, you have no idea which is right for your small business.


If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. By the end of this article, not only

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5 key elements of high converting landing pages (with examples)

High converting landing pages are characterized by their ability to get the reader to take a desired action. Unlike general website pages, visitors usually ‘land’ on a landing page (hence the name) after clicking a paid ad, social media post, link in an email, or some other external source.

Here are the 5 primary elements in place on all high-converting landing pages:

Menu / Global navigation links are removed.There’s just ONE call to action.The headline grabs attention. It is neither boring nor shocking. (See tutorial!)The benefit of the offer is

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8 lead generation ideas you can use to grow your email list

Start an email newsletter. Share a gated free guide. Share a gated discount code. Email-gate your free trial or free tier / product. Create a gated free report.Create a quiz, and email-gate results. Use social ads, with email capture built in.Create and promote an email-gated free course.

When you’re stuck on how to grow your business – including getting client leads or MQLs – lead generation ideas can get you unstuck. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, if you operate online, you should be focused on lead generation.

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7 ways to grow your email list (if you’re a new coach)


Your email list should be one of the most valuable assets in your coaching business.Quizzes are a great way for coaches to grow an email list. Fast.Consistently sharing valuable content and resources is one of the easiest ways to promote and grow your email list.

Are you a new coach without an email list?

Too many new coaches focus on the wrong tasks when starting their businesses.

They’re building a website, spending hours on social media or taking a course.

They don’t realize that growing an email list is more

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A user journey example if you’re new to the term “user journey”

A user journey — also called buyer’s journey, user flow or user experience — is the experience a user has when interacting with your brand.

A user journey map, or user experience map, is the visual representation of this experience.

What is a user journey?

In an ideal world, your prospects would automatically find your website, read your home page and move straight to the CTA to buy your product or service.

But the world we operate in is far from ideal.

Your customer’s journey will not be a straight line

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The best abandoned cart emails in 2022 (examples & tips)

Abandoned cart emails are emails sent to customers who add items to their shopping cart but leave the site before the checkout process.

Abandoned cart emails are also called “cart recovery emails” or “cart abandonment emails.”

And some email service providers (ESPs) call them abandoned checkout emails even though they’re really abandoned carts.


I know…

Just check with your email marketing software to find out when they trigger an abandonment email.

And here’s why your shopping abandonment research efforts are worth it…

Average shopping cart abandonment rate… high. Revenue recovery opportunity… SUPER

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Abandoned cart email example (+ 6 more) for your swipe file

Before we dive into each abandoned cart email example, let’s clarify what abandoned cart emails are. 


Abandoned cart emails are the emails you send to your customers when they have left their shopping carts without completing a purchase.

They’re also called “cart abandonment emails” or “cart recovery emails.” 

You can send the emails automatically or manually.

The purpose of an abandoned cart email is to remind your customers to complete the transaction they started.

You may also use it as a tool for upselling by offering additional products or services.

Now let’s dive into

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The new SEO for SaaS

The new SEO for SaaS

SEO had its heyday. 

The empires of Moz and Hubspot were built on it. The rise of digital marketing was dependent on it. 

But then it became saturated with competition. 

And yet, it’s still a go-to lever for SaaS companies seeking a traffic boost.

And sure – with time, resources and investment, you can boost traffic organically, with SEO efforts.

But is it the right traffic? A quick look into organic traffic conversion rates can answer that question…

“Very small, negative ROI.”

The reality of the negative return on effort with

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