Is A/B testing failing you? Here are 19 shorter, faster paths to growth

You’re trying to grow your SaaS startup.
You’ve heard all the reasons why you should be engaging in conversion rate optimization (CRO)…
Naturally A/B testing has come up more than once in your CRO discussions.
You’ve even run a test or two. Or seventeen.
Yet despite your efforts, testing isn’t having anything resembling a material impact on your MRR. And now you’re jaded over the whole failed promise of split-testing…
You’ve come to the right place. We love A/B testing ’round these parts because, like you, we love learning. (That’s why you’re reading

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If You Want To Measure Your Copy So You Can Improve It, Give Every Element 1 Job To Do (Infographic)

At CTA Conf in 2014, I presented on 3 things I know to be true after a decade spent writing copy.
One of those things was (and is) this: If you want to stop struggling with how to write and measure the success of your copy, make every element you write responsible for one job only.
Here’s the idea.
Everyone wants to write better-performing copy. Agreed?
And by “better performing”, we generally mean “copy that sells better.” Yes?
But when it comes time to a) write or b) assess what’s going on with your copy that’s preventing

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How Much Is High-Converting Copy Worth to YOU? (No, Really, Calculate It Here)

So you have an e-commerce or SaaS website, and you’re starting to suspect that your sales copy … sucks.
Like, really sucks.
Ever since you launched your product, you’ve noticed symptoms of Toxic Copy Syndrome breaking out across your website like a bad case of acne.
Symptoms such as:

Bounce rates so high you don’t even check GA anymore.
Email campaigns that generate as much enthusiasm as a letter from the IRS.
An alarmingly sieve-like unsubscribe rate.
Leads that appear to have Alzheimer’s, because they can’t ever seem to remember what your product actually does and

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