After Writing 500+ Pieces of Content and Analyzing the Most Popular Content Today, This Is What I Learned About “Engaging Content”

It’s been building to this point for the last 5 years…
I saw it coming. I was powerless to stop it…
What is it?
Shock. Your audience is in shock. Content shock.
They’re overwhelmed with the content that lands in their inboxes and social media feeds every minute of every hour of every day. And you have to pay the price.
Because there’s a limit to the amount of content we can consume. More importantly, there’s a limit on the amount of content we’re willing to consume.
And we’ve become more discerning than ever.
Content that doesn’t engage your readers

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Should you publish on Medium… or only on your blog?

You could focus on your own blog. 
You could guest post like a mofo. 
Or, you could live life on the wild side and publish your articles on Medium. 
Yes, Medium.
And no, not Medium, like, the television drama series with Patricia Arquette.
And no, not Medium, like, Hey y’all, my psychic medium told me to chat to my spirit friends when I feel lonely.
The Medium I’m talkin’ about is a different world all together.
This Medium is kind of like the magical island from Lost—a virtual isle that protects words and pushes ideas forward.

Best described

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Do These 7 Stinky Mistakes on Your ‘About’ Page Chase Customers Away?

How do you hack your way to success?
Increase traffic? Improve conversion rates? Boost average profit per customer?
In this age of pixels, we can measure and test almost everything. We crunch numbers.
But when we’re looking at all the data, the numbers and percentages, it can be easy to forget we like buying from companies we know, like, and trust.
Before doing business with a new company, do you check who they are?
Do you care what they stand for?
Likeability is not a fluffy concept for hippies
In his book Influence, Cialdini dedicates

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How Much Is High-Converting Copy Worth to YOU? (No, Really, Calculate It Here)

So you have an e-commerce or SaaS website, and you’re starting to suspect that your sales copy … sucks.
Like, really sucks.
Ever since you launched your product, you’ve noticed symptoms of Toxic Copy Syndrome breaking out across your website like a bad case of acne.
Symptoms such as:

Bounce rates so high you don’t even check GA anymore.
Email campaigns that generate as much enthusiasm as a letter from the IRS.
An alarmingly sieve-like unsubscribe rate.
Leads that appear to have Alzheimer’s, because they can’t ever seem to remember what your product actually does and

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