Meta ads strategy. Ideas to use in your 2023 campaigns.


Idea 1: Use “voice of customer” research to target the right audience.Idea 2: Install Meta Pixel and warm up your audience before trying to sell to them.Idea 3: Merge content marketing with Meta ads to learn what your audience wants to see and hear from your brand.Idea 4: Add video to your ads to help boost engagement and conversions.Idea 5: Go bigger with Lookalike Audiences.

Do you have a Facebook ads strategy?

It’s a question that strikes fear in most business owners.


But why?

What about Facebook ads make them

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5 key elements of high converting landing pages (with examples)

High converting landing pages are characterized by their ability to get the reader to take a desired action. Unlike general website pages, visitors usually ‘land’ on a landing page (hence the name) after clicking a paid ad, social media post, link in an email, or some other external source.

Here are the 5 primary elements in place on all high-converting landing pages:

Menu / Global navigation links are removed.There’s just ONE call to action.The headline grabs attention. It is neither boring nor shocking. (See tutorial!)The benefit of the offer is

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5 best landing page builders for generating conversions


Our top recommendations: ConvertFlow, Unbounce, Canva, LeadPages and Swipe Pages (for mobile)The best landing page builders are user-friendly and offer plenty of optimization features, like mobile responsiveness, customizable visitor segments, contact profiles and integrations Landing page creation tools save you from trying to find, hire and keep working with a developer, who may be expensive

Landing pages convert between 8 and 25%.Compare that to 1 to 3% for home pages.

If you want to give your customers a clear direction to go in…

So they buy…

Then you need to use

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8 lead generation ideas you can use to grow your email list

Start an email newsletter. Share a gated free guide. Share a gated discount code. Email-gate your free trial or free tier / product. Create a gated free report.Create a quiz, and email-gate results. Use social ads, with email capture built in.Create and promote an email-gated free course.

When you’re stuck on how to grow your business – including getting client leads or MQLs – lead generation ideas can get you unstuck. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, if you operate online, you should be focused on lead generation.

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Can I make money from copywriting? A look at the possibilities

According to PayScale, the average base salary for a copywriter in the US is $54,797.

(To put that into perspective, the average base salary for a teacher in the US is $50,343, according to PayScale).

According to Glassdoor, a copywriter earns an estimated average annual salary of $90,657 in the United States.

This number includes those working in both in-house positions and for agencies. 

It also includes additional pay, which could be in the form of bonuses or commissions.

Of course, there are many factors that affect an individual copywriter’s earnings.

LocationLevel of

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7 ways to grow your email list (if you’re a new coach)


Your email list should be one of the most valuable assets in your coaching business.Quizzes are a great way for coaches to grow an email list. Fast.Consistently sharing valuable content and resources is one of the easiest ways to promote and grow your email list.

Are you a new coach without an email list?

Too many new coaches focus on the wrong tasks when starting their businesses.

They’re building a website, spending hours on social media or taking a course.

They don’t realize that growing an email list is more

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Are copywriting jobs in demand?

Copywriters are in demand.

A quick search on LinkedIn revealed over 21,000 copywriter jobs in North America alone.


And over 5,000 of those were listed as entry-level copywriting jobs.


glassdoor had over 2,500 copywriter job listings.

Indeed had 967 remote copywriting job listings.

Set Indeed’s job filter to anywhere in the world, and you’ll see more than hundreds of copywriting jobs.

And a quick Google search revealed in-house copywriter jobs from a wide range of brands.

The supplement company in my small town is looking to fill a senior copywriter position.

And a few others

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Running a headline test? Use these tools to perfect your headline


Headline tests use multiple headline variations to determine the best performing optionThere are many tools you can use to analyze and test your headline Writing at least 50 headlines will give you a better chance of coming up with a brilliant headline that is also data-driven

What is a headline test?

A headline test compares different headline versions against each other.


A/B testing is one way of testing different headlines to determine the effectiveness of each in the eyes of your readers.

In an A/B test, the headlines are shown

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Snackable content: What it is and how to make it (with examples)

Snackable content is short, straightforward and easy to digest.

It’s consumed quickly and is perfect for readers using mobile devices.

What makes content “snackable”?

Humans crave new information.

(Really, we do)

But with the average attention span lasting about 8 seconds, they don’t have much time to find it.


This is where snackable content comes in.

Instead of fighting to be seen online, you create (and share) eye-catching and easily digestible tidbits of information.

Snackable content can come in a variety of forms:

TweetsSocial media captions (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn posts)GIFsMemesInfographicsPodcastsVideos (Instagram reels, Tik

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