Writing emails for money: Can you make a living doing this?


You can make money writing emails because your clients make money sending those emailsLearning to write the most needed email sequences will help you specialize in emails and make a good living writing them

You can definitely make money writing emails

According to Campaign Monitor, 71.8% of small businesses use email to communicate regularly with their customers.

Business owners are aware that connecting with their customers is valuable.

And email is an effective way to connect.

But – are they aware of how to use conversion copywriting techniques to make them more

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What does click thru rate mean? Understanding CTR for PPC ads


Click Thru Rate (CTR) is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks on an ad by the total number of impressions the ad gets.The average CTR varies by ad platform and industry.You can use conversion copywriting techniques to improve your CTR and the performance of your ads.

When it comes to marketing, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are important.

Without KPIs, it’s difficult to know if our marketing methods are working. Are they actually yielding the desired results?

Without KPIs, everything becomes a guessing game.


One essential KPI for conversion copywriters

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Can brand voice be your differentiator? If it’s unique enough.

Brand voice is what your readers hear in their heads when they read your copy.

It’s the way your brand’s personality comes through in your messaging.

To set yourself apart from others in your industry, you need to have something distinct in your business.

What does it mean to differentiate?

Differentiation happens when an aspect of your business differs from other similar businesses.

You can differentiate your business in a few ways:

Signature service or productProcessBrand voiceEducation or experience Niche or specialization

By focusing on the one feature that makes you

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A user journey example if you’re new to the term “user journey”

A user journey — also called buyer’s journey, user flow or user experience — is the experience a user has when interacting with your brand.

A user journey map, or user experience map, is the visual representation of this experience.

What is a user journey?

In an ideal world, your prospects would automatically find your website, read your home page and move straight to the CTA to buy your product or service.

But the world we operate in is far from ideal.

Your customer’s journey will not be a straight line

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Trust signals boost conversions. Use them to back your copy.

Trust signals are written or visual features on your website and in your emails indicating your business is trustworthy to customers.

By giving customers proof that supports your copy, these signals can boost conversions and help you build a credible brand.

What are trust signals?

Trust signal is an overarching term used to describe anything on your website or in your emails that eases hesitations your potential customers might have.

Trust signals can be:

Customer reviewsClient testimonialsEducation badges (like the one you’d get from Copy School)Security badges (one that indicates a secure

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Website copywriting 101: A guide to writing for the web

Website copywriting is the process of using words to drive action for websites. Around these parts, we also call it conversion copywriting.

What is website copywriting?

Website copywriting includes the words on a home page, services page, product page, landing page, and sales page.

Not to be confused with content writing, website copywriting is about action.

The words on your website are tasked with converting visitors by getting them to take the desired action.

Your website is your online sales machine, and your website copy is your online salesperson.

How is writing for

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Analytics questions all copywriters should ask their clients


Asking your clients the right analytics questions and gathering all the data means you’ll never have to guess when writing copyYour clients will use data, like conversion rates, to assess how well your copy is performingKnowing what kind of analytics your client has will help you clarify the scope of your project Having data that shows the results of your copy will increase your credibility in the eyes of prospects

Why should you ask your clients for their analytics?

Because people love data.

Even though the mention of it

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The best abandoned cart emails in 2022 (examples & tips)

Abandoned cart emails are emails sent to customers who add items to their shopping cart but leave the site before the checkout process.

Abandoned cart emails are also called “cart recovery emails” or “cart abandonment emails.”

And some email service providers (ESPs) call them abandoned checkout emails even though they’re really abandoned carts.


I know…

Just check with your email marketing software to find out when they trigger an abandonment email.

And here’s why your shopping abandonment research efforts are worth it…

Average shopping cart abandonment rate… high. Revenue recovery opportunity… SUPER

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What are the best CTAs for your emails? (Examples included)

A CTA (call to action) is a prompt — usually a hyperlinked button or text — asking your reader to take a specific action.

When used effectively, CTAs can significantly improve your email campaign performance.

Why does your email need a CTA?

Whether or not you’re selling something, you should send every single email with a specific goal in mind.

Depending on your campaign, that goal may vary.

You may want your subscriber to log into their account, read your content, leave feedback, make a purchase or enter a giveaway.


Whatever your

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Best copywriting niches in 2022 for new freelancers

A copywriting niche is when a copywriter only writes for a specific market or industry.

For example, you can choose to only write for eCommerce businesses or only for SaaS companies.

What is niching?

To niche or not to niche – that is always the question.

There is no right or wrong answer to this. Some freelance copywriters do quite well as generalists.

But others prefer to niche in a specific industry to help them grow their business.

Let’s cover two definitions first:

These are really important for you to understand

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