How to hire a conversion copywriter in 2022 (insider info)


Before you hire a conversion copywriter, make sure you know what a conversion copywriter is. How else will you know if you’re hiring one?If a copywriter is promising conversion copy in a day… that’s a red flag.Openmindedness is required. Don’t hire a conversion copywriter if you just want an order taker. A conversion copywriter is best utilized when you see them as a partner in helping your business grow.

So you’re ready to hire a conversion copywriter.

You’ve come to the right place (I mean, the founder of Copyhackers

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Copywriters you can hire to increase your conversions in 2022.

Copywriters specialize in writing that persuades your audience to say yes to your offers.

This can come in the form of websites, advertisements and other marketing deliverables.

Finding a copywriter

You know you need a copywriter, but where do you begin to find one?

Post on a Facebook group?

Google manically?

Ask other business owners?


Those are all ways to search for a copywriter – and in the past week, I’ve done this myself.

I tried to step into the business owner’s shoes and go through the process of finding a copywriter.


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