Copywriting for Startups: 7 Lessons To Drive Conversions

In the competitive startup landscape, effective copywriting is your secret weapon for driving conversions. With strategic word choice (based on voice of customer data) and a clear understanding of your target audience, you can craft copy that not only grabs attention but actively encourages action, steering your business towards a path of growth and success. It’s time to turn browsers into buyers with copy that truly works.
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Social Proof: 5 new studies that prove its continued persuasive power

Because social proof has become such a mainstay in marketing, it’s easy for marketers to grow numb to it. You forget that social proof is one of Cialdini’s most persuasive principles. So here are 5 new studies to remind you about the persuasive power of social proof.
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How to grow your list (with good leads)

For startups and small businesses that self-fund / bootstrap everything. Not for big-budget businesses. ❌ Do not give away an ebook. ❌ Do not spend money on subscribers from Meta or LinkedIn. ✅ Borrow other people’s lists. ✅ Use a smart lead-gen tool / pop-up on your site. Circa Feb 2018, Copyhackers did a webinar […]
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Your guide to SMS marketing: Tools and tips for your next campaign

SMS marketing — also called mobile marketing or text message marketing — is marketing that uses text messages to communicate with leads or subscribers.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS stands for short message service, and these messages are sent as plain text to a subscriber’s mobile phone number.

Like email marketing, SMS marketing is permission based. This means sending text messages to recipients who have not opted in to your list is a big no-no.


Okay, but does SMS marketing actually work?

A Marketing Charts study found that the average conversion rate of

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Meta ads strategy. Ideas to use in your 2023 campaigns.


Idea 1: Use “voice of customer” research to target the right audience.Idea 2: Install Meta Pixel and warm up your audience before trying to sell to them.Idea 3: Merge content marketing with Meta ads to learn what your audience wants to see and hear from your brand.Idea 4: Add video to your ads to help boost engagement and conversions.Idea 5: Go bigger with Lookalike Audiences.

Do you have a Facebook ads strategy?

It’s a question that strikes fear in most business owners.


But why?

What about Facebook ads make them

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Tool roundup: Best email marketing software for small businesses

If you’re newer and not in need of rich feature sets:

MailerLiteDripConvertKitConstant ContactMailChimpAweber

When you’re serious about email marketing:


Now let’s get into WHY!

You’ve heard about the impact email marketing can have on your marketing strategy, but:

You haven’t quite figured out where to start.

You know you need a good email service, but with so many email marketing software options on the market, you have no idea which is right for your small business.


If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. By the end of this article, not only

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5 key elements of high converting landing pages (with examples)

High converting landing pages are characterized by their ability to get the reader to take a desired action. Unlike general website pages, visitors usually ‘land’ on a landing page (hence the name) after clicking a paid ad, social media post, link in an email, or some other external source.

Here are the 5 primary elements in place on all high-converting landing pages:

Menu / Global navigation links are removed.There’s just ONE call to action.The headline grabs attention. It is neither boring nor shocking. (See tutorial!)The benefit of the offer is

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5 best landing page builders for generating conversions


Our top recommendations: ConvertFlow, Unbounce, Canva, LeadPages and Swipe Pages (for mobile)The best landing page builders are user-friendly and offer plenty of optimization features, like mobile responsiveness, customizable visitor segments, contact profiles and integrations Landing page creation tools save you from trying to find, hire and keep working with a developer, who may be expensive

Landing pages convert between 8 and 25%.Compare that to 1 to 3% for home pages.

If you want to give your customers a clear direction to go in…

So they buy…

Then you need to use

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