5 Tips From Copyhackers Ebook 1: Where Stellar Messages Come From


Copyhackers eBook 1 will help you find and develop your core messagesYou’ll know how to narrow your market to prospects that will compensate you for your serviceUse customer research to get the best swipe-worthy copyUse rhetoric devices in your copy to draw attention to your headlines

When it comes to determining where stellar messages come from, the Copyhackers eBook 1 (FREE eBook download) makes one thing very clear:

The job of the copywriter is not to write copy but to know your customers inside out.

“Your job is to know

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The Ultimate Guide to Email Copywriting: Optimize Your Email Copywriting with Hard Numbers

This is more than just a post on conversion copywriting for email. It’s your ticket to confidently take on email projects that would have previously given you pause. Made to teach you from the ground up, this resource is inclusive of everything you need to know about conversion copywriting for email. It’s so inclusive, in fact, we nearly published it as a book. So bookmark it now and refer to it to answer all your email-related questions. This is part IV of IV.

So you now know how to

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