Ask Yourself These 3 Simple Questions to Craft Better Headlines

Last week, when I wrote about how to become a writer, I forgot to mention something about why you’d want to be a writer.
Writers are communicators. If you’re proud of your ideas, you want to be able to communicate them clearly and precisely.
Headlines are your first opportunity to present your message to the audience you want to reach. The language you use should appeal to those people and make them want to find out more.
To review the next headline you write from the perspective of an editor who is focused on audience engagement, here are three simple questions you can ask yourself.
A guide to finding the right words
Once you’ve written a draft of your headline and article (or you’ve recorded a podcast episode or video), use the questions below to ensure your headline is the most effective it can be:

Who will benefit from this content?
How do I help them?
What makes this content special?

The answers to these questions most likely won’t produce the exact headline you’ll use. Rather, they’ll help mold your headline draft into a persuasive message that reaches and connects with the people you want to attract to your content.
To keep the process of infusing your headline with meaning and fascination simple, I recommend answering each question in one to two sentences.
If you need to write more, recognize your opportunity to fine-tune your goal for the content before revisiting these headline questions.
Let’s look at the important information each question will help you cultivate

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[Join Today] The Price of Authority Is about to Go Up

A quick message today.
I’ve got two compelling reasons why today is the perfect day to join our Authority advanced content marketing training program (before the price goes up tonight).
Reason #1: Brand-new courses are coming this fall
Did you get a minute to take a look at the Copyblogger Authority Plan yet?
You can click the image to the right to download and read it — no opt-in required.
The Copyblogger Authority Plan spells out the new courses we’re creating for members. And they’re going to be super useful and helpful.
These will be self-study, learn-as-you-have-time courses.

You control what you want to focus on mastering
You decide how quickly you want to move through the courses
You choose how you move from one topic to another

The courses will be available this fall, and will be free to current Authority members, so now’s the time to sign up.
They are in addition to the regular benefits of Authority — the library with more than 300 hours of archived information (more on that below), the networking and problem-solving in the member forum, the weekly live sessions, and more.
Reason #2: The price of Authority is about to go up significantly
That price raise I mentioned above? Here’s an explanation:
We’ve been hemming and hawing on raising the price of Authority for years now.
But when we realized that we now have more than 300 hours of video and audio content — not to mention transcripts, worksheets, handouts, and ebooks — we knew we needed to adjust the price

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Last Chance to Get 30% Off Everything at StudioPress

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How to Get 30% Off Our Most Popular Premium WordPress Themes

Only a few days left before this offer expires …
On Tuesday, I alerted you to the massive StudioPress blowout sale going on this week.
Basically, it’s our big annual Black Monday discount delivered three months in advance.
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Decisions, decisions …
So … which theme should you choose?
You don’t need me to spend any more time stressing the value of the discount. Forty-five percent off anything is pretty darn good.
If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to offer a few suggestions for which themes you might want to consider trying on your site.
I’ll reveal the three most popular StudioPress themes of 2016. So many customers can’t be wrong, right?
And I’ll also reveal my own personal favorite, which has received rave reviews ever since I put it on my own website.
The 3 Most Popular StudioPress

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[Blowout Sale] Get 30% Off ALL Premium WordPress Themes

Plus a special offer for the Pro Plus All-Theme Package …
Black Monday … in August?
Pretty much.
You may recall that every year around late October or November we offer a big discount or valuable bundle.
Well, we recently ironed out our promotional schedule for the rest of 2016 … and this year’s Black Monday sale is not going to include StudioPress.
This is no slight to StudioPress. We just wanted to switch it up.
Offering you our best discount now, instead of waiting, gives you a head start on getting the best price for any new themes that you may want to acquire.
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Here are the details.
They are fairly simple.
You get 30 percent off … everything
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Get Advanced Training and the Opportunity to Be Certified by Copyblogger (Open 1 Week Only)

Content marketing is exploding right now — and we’re working hard to meet the needs of the market.
We create new educational content each week here on Copyblogger. And we offer advanced content marketing training in our Authority program.
But for an elite group of professional writers, we offer our most advanced training: the Copyblogger Content Marketer Certification program.
This program offers writers the opportunity to submit their content for review by a member of the Copyblogger editorial team. Those who pass the application process are featured on our Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer page.
This week, we are opening the program again for a short time to allow a new group of writers inside.
If you’re a writer who’s ready to outperform the competition and fill your plate with better clients who pay you more for your work, please join us.
Register for the Certification program
Current Authority members, please log in for the best price.
Is the Certification program for you?
The Certification program gets results for its graduates.
Want to hear specifics? Read about the experiences of writers who’ve worked through the program and become certified: Certified Stories.
We know you may have questions about the program and we want to give you all the information you need to make a smart decision. That’s why we created a free course outline and syllabus for our Certification program. It covers:

Details about the material you’ll learn
How the program works — how long it takes and what the Certification process is like
Information about your teachers,

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Last Day to Save Big on Digital Commerce Summit

Today is the last day to get your tickets to Digital Commerce Summit, happening October 13-14, 2016, in Denver, CO.
The last day unless you want to pay much more, that is.
We’ve got great speakers, including Rand Fishkin, Tara Gentile, Jeff Walker, Laura Roeder of Edgar, Kevan Lee of Buffer, and Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers, plus Jerod, Pamela, Chris, Sonia, and me.
We’ve also got great networking parties, plus an exclusive performance by the band CAKE.
Digital Commerce Summit is an integrated single-track experience that will send you back home with dozens of actionable ideas, and many new friends and potential business partners.
But let’s face it … you don’t want to pay $995 for the experience if you don’t have to.
And you don’t have to if you register today.
Sign up here, and I’ll see you in Denver!
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Top 3 Reasons to Get Your Digital Commerce Summit Tickets Now

Digital Commerce Summit is three months away, and we’re all very excited about this inaugural event. It’s happening in Denver, CO on October 13-14, 2016.
If you’re a digital entrepreneur, or are interested in getting into the business of creating and selling digital products, this is right up your alley.
But you’re going to want to act fast, because the price is going up this month. Let’s quickly run through the most compelling reasons to sign up before that happens.
1. The Speakers
Regardless of other factors, the quality of a business conference is determined by the speakers and what useful insight they bring you. Our agenda is stacked with actual entrepreneurs who walk the talk.
The fact that they’re also great teachers is an amazing benefit as well. You won’t get lost in jargon and “inside baseball” references.
You’ll learn from people like Rand Fishkin of Moz, Joanna Weibe of Copy Hackers, Laura Roeder of Edgar, and Chris Ducker of Youpreneur … plus many more high profile entrepreneurs.
Also, your favorites from Rainmaker Digital will be presenting as well — Jerod Morris, Pamela Wilson, Sonia Simone, and Chris Garrett. I’ll be there too, but don’t let that deter you.
Our integrated agenda assures that you’ll depart from Denver with a clear picture of your path forward. While one great idea is worth the investment, you’ll do much better than that.
2. The Entertainment
We’re known for throwing great parties. The networking, relationships, and deals that happen thanks to like-minded people enjoying themselves

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Try the Rainmaker Platform for Free (No Credit Card Required)

A lot has happened since we launched Rainmaker two years ago.
What started as an easier, more secure, and maintenance-free way to build a powerful website has become a complete digital marketing and sales solution.
The website aspects of the Platform are even more powerful, and are now complemented by integrated email, marketing automation, an online course builder, podcasting and content optimization tools, and much more.
I’ve spent a lot of time using the Platform myself over at Rainmaker.FM and Digital Commerce Institute, as well as my personal sites Unemployable and Further. This has been important for our software development process, because if we ran into something Rainmaker couldn’t do, we simply built it.
We had put off moving Copyblogger to the Platform, because a lot of what powers Rainmaker was custom-developed for this site years ago. More or less the same technology, until …
One day, I logged in to Copyblogger to get something done and realized I couldn’t do it myself like I could with our other sites. Rainmaker had left our legacy technology behind.
Naturally, I complained to the dev team. I didn’t tell them to do anything … I was mainly just venting.
So, they went ahead and moved Copyblogger to Rainmaker without telling me. The next time I logged in, it was a pleasant shock — after 10 years on WordPress, I saw the beautiful Rainmaker dashboard instead.
I think you’ll have a similar experience when you try Rainmaker for yourself. And the great thing is, we’re

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