Black Monday-to-Monday: Our Two Most Popular Deals, Back by Popular Demand

A few years ago, we started hosting an annual “Black Monday-to-Monday” sale several weeks before Thanksgiving — figuring you’d have enough on your, ahem, plate once the real Black Friday rolls around.
That initial promotion, and every one that’s followed, has been wildly successful. Although, since the idea seems to be catching on, we may move it to September next year.
Meanwhile, here are this year’s Black Monday-to-Monday deals … named as such because the deals start today and expire next Monday, November 16, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. These two particular deals were selected based on the most popular offers we’ve made during the past year.
Get the New-and-Improved StudioPress All-Theme Pack for $150 Off
Unless you’re new, you’ve seen this discount before. It’s always the most popular promo we run throughout the year.
Why? Well, buying every StudioPress theme (plus Genesis), the updates, and the support individually would run you north of $1,400.
But now there’s more. What makes this particular deal extra special is that the StudioPress All-Theme Pack, which we call Pro Plus, now includes third-party themes for the first time … ever.
So in addition to getting immediate and unlimited access — plus support and updates — to all 37 existing StudioPress themes, all of which are built for the Genesis framework, you also get three gorgeous third-party Genesis themes right out of the box.
And when I say “access,” I mean lifetime access:

When we officially add a new third-party theme, you get

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2 Ways Your Business Can Be More Like the Apple Store

Any one of us would have been proud to create the retail giant Best Buy. It’s a powerhouse.
At its peak, Best Buy controlled about 19 percent of the electronics market. They’ve sold lots and lots of stuff. And they still do. Any kind of television or MP3 player or computer you want, Best Buy probably has it.
If you could collect all of the profit from just one Best Buy store, that would be extremely cool, right? You’d have every customer in the neighborhood, and you could sell each one exactly what they wanted.
Now compare that to a store that sells just one brand of computer. Just one brand of MP3 player. Just one brand of smartphone or tablet.
That doesn’t seem like it would do as well, right?
But the profit per square foot from an Apple Retail Store is six times the profit of a Best Buy.
Six times.
Apple Stores were supposed to be a huge failure
According to the book Inside Steve’s Brain, retail expert David A. Goldstein told Business Week that:
I give them two years before they’re turning out the lights on a very painful and expensive mistake.
And Goldstein wasn’t some clueless lone voice. That was the overwhelming consensus. In fact, you couldn’t find anyone in 2000 who thought the Apple Store was a good idea.
Anyone, that is, except Steve Jobs.
Their costs are higher
You may have noticed that you don’t find Apple Stores in strip malls or shoppettes.
You find them, in fact, in

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Get ‘Significantly Better Hosting Performance and Pay Less’ (Their Words, Not Ours)

On Monday, I explained — in my own words — how Synthesis Managed WordPress Hosting can dramatically improve your website’s speed, stability, and SEO.
I also let you know that we are giving you a free migration if you sign up for Synthesis here before the clock strikes 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time today (Friday, February 6, 2015).
Okay, enough of my words. Now I’d like to let actual Synthesis customers do the talking …
The benefits of Synthesis
There is really just no good reason to consider using anyone else for your WordPress web hosting solution.
It’s easy to say I am a happy customer. But truly happy customers take action and tell others to enjoy the benefits of Synthesis: focused WordPress hosting that is blazing fast from a team that understands the needs of today’s content marketers.
~ Bryan Eisenberg, bestselling author and Founder/CMO of IdealSpot
Superior support and smart server setup
I cannot recommend Web Synthesis Highly enough!
The service and support is amazing and the staff is incredibly knowledgable and helpful.
Add to that the amazingly fast and solid servers, incredibly reasonable pricing (with no hidden fees like other hosting providers), and various related products fully supported by the same company, and there is really just no good reason I find to consider using anyone else for your WordPress web hosting solution.
We came to Web Synthesis with very unique and high demands and expectations due to our business model, and they delivered.
As a result of hosting with

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Dramatically Improve Your Site’s Speed, Stability, and SEO Without the Pain (or Cost) of Migrating

At this point, it’s common knowledge.
But it’s so essential to your online success that it bears repeating one more time.
You need a seriously fast website.
And you know why: The likelihood of losing a visitor due to impatience or frustration increases with each extra millisecond of load time, and fewer happier visitors means fewer leads and fewer sales.
The math is simple. The stakes are high.
And this week only, we’re removing the biggest pain point of switching hosting providers: we’re giving you a free migration.
(You can jump right to the details here.)
Here’s something else that’s simple: It only takes a few smart, informed decisions to dramatically increase your site’s performance. (Take this example, which resulted in a 72.7 percent increase in page load speed.)
But speed isn’t everything when it comes to your website …
Stability and security are also essential
You need a website that is up all the time — and that will alert you in the rare cases it’s not.
You also need a website that is protected from the kind of hacks and injections that can bring online business owners to their knees.
Remember how powerless you felt the last time your website was down without explanation or breached without protection? It happens, and it’s awful when it does.
And lest you think “Oh, that won’t happen to me” regarding your site being hacked or infected with malware, know that, according to the Guardian, as recently as two years ago 60 percent of small businesses in Britain

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LAST DAY: Authority Rainmaker Pricing Increases Today

In 2014, we produced a different kind of online marketing conference. This year, we’re doing it again … except bigger, better, and smarter.
Today our best pricing ends. Click here to reserve your spot and save, or read on for the essential details first.
Authority Rainmaker: Copyblogger’s live training event that provides an integrated online marketing strategy combined with the best ways to implement it. Plus great parties and networking.
May 13-15, 2015.
Daniel Pink, Sally Hogshead, Henry Rollins, Danny Sullivan, Ann Handley, Chris Brogan, Bernadette Jiwa, Michael King, Joanna Lord, Joe Pulizzi, Sonia Simone, Jerod Morris, Sean D’Souza, Scott Brinker, Pamela Wilson, Brian Clark (hey, that’s me!) … plus a few more we’ll be announcing soon.
The stunning Ellie Caulkins Opera House in sunny Denver, Colorado.
Super Early Bird pricing ends TODAY (January 16, 2015) at 5:00 pm Pacific Time, which saves you $500 off full price. You don’t want to wait and pay more!
Click here for all the details and to register before the price goes up.
About the authorBrian ClarkBrian Clark is founder and CEO of Copyblogger, host of Rainmaker.FM, and evangelist for the Rainmaker Platform. Get more from Brian on Twitter.

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