How to Write a Kickstarter Pitch: An Analysis of the Best – And Worst – Campaign Copy

We all know the Kickstarter success stories.
There are the head-shaking phenomena, like the potato salad guy.
There are the campaigns that put dollar-signs in your eyes, like:

The Coolest Cooler: earned $13,285,226, funded at 26,570%
The original Pebble Watch: earned $10,266,845, funded at 10,266%
“Bones” parts 1 and 2: earned a total of $6,598,845, funded at an average of 10,997%

And then there’s the really crazy-school stuff like this, where a new backer came in every 2 seconds (53 in 1:40) on campaign launch day / Day 1:

Just 6 days into the Pebble Time

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