Affiliate Programs: Why You Should Build a ‘Second Audience’ for Your Business

Want to expand the reach of your business and find new audiences for your products and services? An affiliate program could be the answer for you.
Copyblogger’s affiliate programs run like a well-oiled machine, and in this episode of Hit Publish, you’re going to find out why.
We want you to take advantage of our hard-won knowledge so you can put together an affiliate program that expands your reach and boosts your profits.
You’re about to hear from some of the people responsible for keeping our affiliates very, very happy. They’ll share a behind-the-scenes look at how they do what they do.
Tune in to Hit Publish to hear from host Pamela Wilson, Mica Gadhia, Jessica Commins, and Tony Clark as they discuss:

How affiliate programs work and why they’re a boon to online businesses
Why starting an affiliate program entails developing a new audience for your business (and how that’s a crucial element to their success or failure)
Why treating your affiliates unequally might end up making your affiliate program more attractive

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