How Award-Winning Journalist Adam Skolnick Writes

Sometimes word nerds just need a place to talk shop, and that’s the intention of today’s episode of The Writer Files. Host Kelton Reid asked award-winning journalist Adam Skolnick to join him for a guest segment called “writer porn.”
Adam is an award-winning, globetrotting travel journalist, which is kind of a rare thing these days. He is the author and co‐author of 25 Lonely Planet guidebooks, and has written for publications as varied as the New York Times (for whom he won a big award from the Associated Press Sports Editors last year), ESPN, Wired, Men’s Health, Outside, the BBC, and Playboy.
He recently finished his first narrative nonfiction book based on his award-winning New York Times coverage of the death of the greatest American free diver of all time, titled One Breath (slated for publication in January).
Kelton and Adam talk about how a page-one New York Times story became a book, the secret literary legacy of Playboy magazine, debunking Jack Kerouac’s prolificness, and tips and tricks to staying focused when you’re working on multiple projects across multiple timezones.
In this 29-minute file, host Kelton Reid and Adam Skolnick discuss:

How a tragic New York Times story became a book
What a globetrotting journalist does to get a story
The secret literary legacy of Playboy magazine
What Mr. Skolnick has in common with Hunter S. Thompson
One great trick to stay focused on multiple deadlines
Busting the urban legend of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road
Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to other writers

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