How to Interview and Hire the Right Content Marketing Manager for Your Company

When it comes to content marketing, I firmly believe that, other than “buy in” from management, the most important factor that will impact your ability to have incredible success comes down to the position of “content marketing manager.” Granted, this position has many names in the business world, especially because it didn’t really exist a […]


Three Misconceptions About Modern SEO That Confuse Content Marketers

What’s the reality of search engine optimization after the Google Hummingbird update? Can someone destroy your business with negative SEO? Did Google kill the concept of AuthorRank when it eliminated the Authorship initiative?
For these types of questions, there’s no better person to ask than Danny Sullivan, founder of Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, CMO of Third Door Media (producers of the popular SMX conferences), and a veteran search engine expert of 20 years. Today’s show is just a warmup to Danny’s presentation at Authority Rainmaker 2015, May 13-15 in Denver, Colorado.
In this 32-minute episode Danny and I discuss:

His search expertise expertise dating back to 1995
What the next generation CMO will focus on
The biggest misconception about Google and SEO
What’s (really) working with SEO right now
The ongoing power of the humble hyperlink
The true nature of good SEO practices
Is Google “AuthorRank” really dead?

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About the authorBrian ClarkBrian Clark is founder and CEO of Copyblogger, host of Rainmaker.FM, and evangelist for the Rainmaker Platform. Get more from Brian on Twitter.

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A Brief Guide to Fixing Your Old, Neglected, and Broken Content

One of the first steps to creating adaptive content is becoming aware of the content you already have. This is why we encourage you to audit your site.
But before you dive into a full-blown comprehensive content audit, it might be possible to make your job a little easier by first dealing with all of the expired content.
What exactly is expired content?
It’s those old sales pages, obsolete product pages, and other outdated content. The pages you’ve forgotten about in your archives that desperately need some attention.
You’ll know where some of this content is off the top of your head. To properly attend to other pages, you may just have to walk through your archives.
Now, this might take an afternoon or longer, but as Sonia said in her article on content audits, there are a number of benefits to knowing what’s in your archives.
Why should you fix old, broken content?
There are a number of good reasons why you shouldn’t ignore old, broken, and neglected sections of your website.
Here are three benefits of attending to expired content:

Keeps your site light. True, the more pages on your site, the wider your reach in search engine traffic. But search engine bots will also require more bandwidth to crawl your site. As Stephanie Chang writes, “You don’t want to risk wasting your crawl allowance having bots crawl pages that are thin in unique content and value.”
Keeps your site fresh. Expired and old information communicates to search engines (and your audience)

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Here’s How to Answer the Most Important Question in Life (and Make a Living from It)

Why bother?
Each and every morning you and I both wake up and ask ourselves that question. Some mornings we don’t even think about the question, but answer it deliberately by jumping out of bed and bolting for the office.
In these cases, we bother because we care deeply about what we do. We feel like we matter. Then there are the other mornings …
Mornings where you roll over and eye the clock. The alarm will sound within minutes, but you have no desire to get out of bed. It has been a long week — and it’s only Tuesday.
On these days — which may turn into months or even years — you hate what you do and feel like you don’t matter. That’s a terrible feeling, and you need someone to come along and tell you it doesn’t have to be that way.
Fortunately, there is someone.
And that person is Bernadette Jiwa, a branding consultant based in Perth, Australia. She’s an Amazon bestselling author and just a plain, old-fashioned storyteller — who is, by the way, speaking at Authority Rainmaker this May in Denver, Colorado.
A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to talk to her — about her books, her blog, and her unique approach to branding. And ultimately, about how a business can satisfy customers by answering that terribly important question about life.
In this 42-minute interview you’ll discover:

Bernadette’s insightful response when I confessed why Copyblogger’s editorial department has a crush on her name.
What it

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Book Review: Why “Traction” Fails The Startup Entrepreneur

Two impressive entrepreneurial successes get lost in this customary, been-there-read-that book.
The startup life is no place for the weary.
Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares know this all too well. The authors of Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers (S-Curves Publishing, 2014), Weinberg founded DuckDuckGo, an alternative search engine, while Mares is a former executive of Exceptional, which was acquired (for 8 figures) by Rackspace in 2013.
In other words, they’re no strangers to staring convention – and in Weinberg’s case, the societal standard – in the face and giving it

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Are You Overlooking Any (or All) of These 7 Ways to Build Online Authority with LinkedIn?

Flash mobs.
People are attracted to these spectacles. We drop what we’re doing and gather around to watch, but then we leave.
We go back to what we were doing before we were interrupted. No one really knows who orchestrated the performance. The entire experience is short-lived and doesn’t make any profound impact.
Now, imagine performing at an opera house, such as the Ellie Caulkins Opera House pictured above — the venue for Authority Rainmaker 2015.
An attentive audience becomes fascinated by your performance and applauds you to show their appreciation. You know they’ll be back for more.
You can have that same type of interaction with your audience on LinkedIn when you properly position yourself on the platform.
LinkedIn is for content marketing professionals
While some may think of LinkedIn as only a job search or recruitment portal, it is evolving into a lead generation and publishing hub for content marketers.
Content pages on LinkedIn receive seven times more views and have six times more engagement than job-related activities.
And since Pulse and SlideShare are part of the LinkedIn ecosystem, it’s an ideal center for professional content sharing.
This is the LinkedIn Opera House, and you have an opportunity to take the content stage.
Here are seven ways to help you build authority on LinkedIn.
1. Complete your profile
Get stage-ready for your performance. Sloppiness won’t cut it.
You can’t command attention or earn trust if your LinkedIn profile is incomplete. It needs to thoroughly represent you and display a professional-quality headshot. Unless you’re participating in a

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Transforming your Old Website into an Inbound Lead Generating Machine [Video Interview Angela Hicks ]

In today’s interview I get a chance to talk to Angela Hicks who works for HubSpot as part of their academy team. We discuss how important it is for companies to transform their old websites into lead generating machines. Angela and I talk about how you can build a “Frankensystem” by bolting platforms together to […]


The Hubcast #30: Inbound Keynote Speakers, WOW Agency Event, & Outsourcing your Content

The Hubcast Podcast Episode 030       Welcome back to The Hubcast folks, a weekly podcast all about HubSpot news, tips, and tricks. Please also note the extensive show notes below including some new HubSpot video tutorials created by George Thomas. Show Notes: Inbound 2015 News HubSpot has announced Daniel Pink as their first Inbound […]