Last Chance to Save $150 Instantly: Get Pro Plus Before It Becomes Recurring

This is it …
Time is running out to get our Pro Plus All-Theme Pack for WordPress before the new recurring element is added at the end of January 2016. (Here’s what that means.)
It’s also your last chance to get $150 off.
And it’s your last chance to book the expense on your 2015 taxes.
If you’ve waited until the last minute, wait no more.
Click here to claim your $150 Pro Plus discount, lock in your account before recurring payments are added, and book it on this year’s taxes
This offer expires today, December 31, 2015, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time.
And if you’re feeling at all rushed because it’s New Year’s Eve and your head is already in the clouds getting ready for tonight … don’t.
We offer a no-questions-asked, 30-day, money-back guarantee. We do this to make your decision as easy as possible.
Get started with Pro Plus today and take all of January to decide if you want to keep it. If you decide you don’t, just email our Support team and we’ll issue you a full refund.
You don’t even need to give a reason.
We just want you to have the StudioPress design you need for your WordPress website when you need it … for as long as you choose to maintain an account. Pro Plus gives you that, and so much more (and you don’t pay another dime after today).
Click here to find out about everything Pro Plus has to offer and get started

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How to use the WordPress redirection plugin

In this WordPress Tutorial, @GeorgeBThomas shows you yet another extremely helpful plugin that you can get for free on your WordPress blog.
The redirection tool helps you manage, and even set, 301 redirects of your pages. Whether you’re migrating pages to a newer
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Announcing: Copyblogger.FM

AKA the Episode Where Sonia Seizes All the Power …
If you’re reading this on New Year’s Eve, you’re probably a diehard. (Which we love, by the way.)
You might have been reading and listening to Copyblogger content for a long time now. And you may well know our original podcast, The Lede.
It started life as Internet Marketing for Smart People (audio edition) with Robert Bruce and Brian Clark, then over time morphed into The Lede, most recently hosted by Jerod Morris and Demian Farnworth.
In 2016, the show is transforming once again, and The Lede becomes Copyblogger.FM.
And I (ahem) kicked all those jokers off the platform and am taking over.
Last time I saw Farnworth, he was demolishing his console with his lightsaber, but I’m sure he’ll get past it. We’re here for you, bro.
Announcing: Copyblogger.FM
What’s the new show about?
Copyblogger.FM is about content marketing, first and foremost. We’ll be covering:

Emerging trends
Interesting disasters
Enduring best practices
Worthwhile news
Practical strategies and tactics

We’ll also let you peek behind the scenes at the content strategies for the Copyblogger blog and Rainmaker Digital as a company, so you can learn from our experiments and observations.
And I may go on a rant once in a while.
If you’re already subscribed to The Lede, Copyblogger.FM will use the same feed, so you can just keep listening to the new incarnation without doing anything special.
If you’d like to try it out, you can find us here: Copyblogger.FM.
Serious thanks to our great team
Kidding aside, I want to thank

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Mad Marketing 83: My Biggest Successes and Failures of 2016

Hey folks, it’s podcast time again! And in this year-end episode of Mad Marketing, I’ll be looking at the good, bad, and ugly for me that was 2015. I strongly believe it’s important that we take inventory on the past 12 months as we look towards next year, and that’s exactly what I’ve done in…
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Why Content Marketers Need Editors

I’m good at math.
If you looked at my standardized test results from when I was back in school, you’d see I scored very high in math and very low in verbal.
And yet, today I’m a professional writer and editor.
It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.
Sort of. Your content needs to quickly communicate what your audience wants and needs, so my natural abilities are actually the perfect fit for content marketing.
You probably possess some of these editing skills too, so let’s examine how you can use them to become a discerning content marketer.
Turning a “weakness” into a strength
Most of my English tests in high school weren’t adorned with those coveted “A” grades because timed exams to test reading comprehension didn’t fit my reading style.
I read text passages slowly, studied each word carefully, and analyzed how the writer could have presented his or her message more clearly.
It’s no surprise I’d run out of time before I finished every question. (It’s okay, 16-year-old Stefanie. The future looks bright for you.)
My poor test scores could have convinced me that the English language and reading comprehension were my weaknesses, but instead, I turned my way of reading into a career.
We’re in The Editor Age
The title of this interview on Contently’s The Content Strategist says it all: ‘You Need Editors, Not Brand Managers’: Marketing Legend Seth Godin on the Future of Branded Content.
When asked how he’d build a brand media property, Godin replied that brands often opt

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Get the All-Theme Pack Now Before It Becomes Recurring (Plus: $150 Off Instantly)

A change is coming to our biggest and best-selling product.
The StudioPress Pro Plus Pack — which gives you immediate, on-demand access to every active theme in the StudioPress library — is about to add a recurring component.
Note that I said about to add. Nothing is changing immediately.
But the change is coming soon (likely at the end of January 2016), which is why we’re letting you know about a special offer happening this week only.
We want you to have every opportunity to lock in the current Pro Plus offer.
Here’s the offer …
For a single investment in Pro Plus today, you get unlimited access to:

All current StudioPress themes (there are more than 40 as of today)

All future StudioPress themes (several are already in development)

All design, security, and functionality updates

All current and future third-party themes we add to Pro Plus (there are five currently)

Support for all themes
 (we support StudioPress themes, while the third-party developers support their themes)

You get all of this for the lifetime of your account. You never make another payment.
Until this special offer ends on Thursday, December 31, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time — you get $150 off as well.
It’s the largest discount we’ve ever given for Pro Plus.
That’s more than 30 percent off of a deal that already saved you more than $1,500 compared to purchasing everything separately.
Click here to learn more about Pro Plus(and get $150 off)
And Pro Plus keeps getting more valuable as more themes get

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21 Powerful Professional Speaking Tips I Learned in 2015

  As many of you likely know, speaking is a major part of what I do here with The Sales Lion. As a small team of 4, about 50% of our revenue comes from keynotes, workshops, company events, etc. In 2015, I gave over 75 of these types of presentations, covering 24 different states and…
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Join the Copyblogger Team for Our First Content Challenge

Starting a week from today, the Copyblogger team is doing something we’ve never done before … and we want you to join us.
We’re hosting our first three-week Copyblogger Content Challenge. These brand-new challenges are designed to give you in-depth education around key content marketing topics.
The goal of our challenges is simple:
We help you master each topic — and you put that information directly to use to grow your business.

Challenge #1: Create your cornerstone content
For the January 2016 challenge, we’re teaching you how to create powerful, audience-building cornerstone content for your website.
The three recent articles below will help you understand what cornerstone content is and why it’s important to have it in place on your site.

Your Cornerstone Content Blueprint: Answers to 9 Common Questions
A Practical Approach to Using Powerful Cornerstone Content on Your Site
11 Essential Ingredients Every Cornerstone Content Page Needs [Infographic]

How much does this in-depth cornerstone content education cost? Nothing.
Join us for the Copyblogger Content Challenge
Why is cornerstone content important?
Website owners use cornerstone content to answer the most important questions their newest prospects have.
Cornerstone content pages are informative, instructive, and they help your prospects understand the crucial information they need to interact with your business.
Once you have your cornerstone content in place on your website, you’ll begin benefitting from better search engine rankings for the terms you target. And cornerstone content builds your authority, too.
Here’s what you get when you join us for the Copyblogger Content Challenge:

In-depth instruction on planning, writing,

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Patience, Persistence, and Waiting for the Payoff

I grew up as the middle child in a family of five children.
We celebrated Christmas, which involves — as you know — tightly wrapped presents tucked under a tree.
In those days, you started dreaming about your presents in August when the Sears, Roebuck catalog landed in your mailbox.
You’d flip through the pages that were brimming with products and think about what it would be like to possess the Deluxe Hand Loom (make beautiful potholders!), the Alaskan Wooden Toboggan, or the Young Artist Studio Toolkit.
Christmas Eve was a test of my patience. That was the night we had our big Christmas dinner, followed by The Opening of the Gifts.
Off in the corner, the Christmas tree glowed, and the shiny paper and bows beckoned.
But you had to eat your dinner at the table first. And that’s where I began to learn the art of patience.
It’s a skill I still use today.
Christmas Eve dinner wasn’t like any other dinner. It was a smorgasbord of dishes that were reserved exclusively for that night. And each one had to be served up to seven (or more) people, admired, and eaten. Plates were then collected so you could prepare for the next round.
Looking back, I feel fortunate we always had food on the table and a warm home where we could celebrate.
But at that age? All I wanted was to get to those gifts under the tree.
Earlier in the day, when no one was watching, I had checked out the

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The Hubcast 74: 12 Ways of Marketing, Hubby Clause & 2015 Gratitude

The Hubcast Podcast Episode 074         Welcome back to The Hubcast, folks: A weekly podcast all about HubSpot news, tips, and tricks. Please also note the extensive show notes below, including some new HubSpot video tutorials created by George Thomas. HubSpot Strategy Our gift to you this Holiday season is to help…
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