The ‘Complete-Nobody’ Guide to Guest Posting Fame and Fortune (By the Guy Who Built a Career Out of It)

Once upon a time, I was a nobody…

A little over five years ago, I found myself unemployed and unemployable.

That’s not hyperbole.

Before launching into guest posting and content marketing, my first dream – if you can believe it – was to be a pastor. I earned my undergraduate degree in English and went on to graduate school for a Masters in Divinity.

Then, my life imploded. 

It started with a wrecking-ball event out of my control and culminated in a bomb I assembled with my own two hands – made of

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3 Psychology-backed Customer Interview Techniques to Get Rich Customer Data

Just because your customer has mastered the art of one-word answers doesn’t mean your customer interview is doomed. Before you end the call, try these three easy ways to turn the tables and get quality customer data.

So you hop on a Zoom call for your customer interview.

And literally one question in, the worst is clear: Your customer is not a talker. 

They respond to your every inquiry (even the open-ended questions!) with as few words as humanly possible.

Worst of all, they don’t seem phased by the awkward abruptness,

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What Is a Swipe File? (And Why Every Copywriter Needs One)

A swipe file is a collection of memorable content that you can use for copywriting ideas. Save what you love on websites, landing pages, pricing pages, blogs, emails, ads, etc. Then, when the well runs dry, you’ve got a handy file of inspiration.

If you struggle with knowing where to start on a copy project, add an organized swipe file to your copywriting toolbox.

I depend on my swipe file for the many copywriting projects I work on as conversion copywriting lead at Copyhackers Agency.

Copywriting would be way

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