How to become a copywriter this year (without any experience)


To become a copywriter, first, make sure you understand what a copywriter is – and what it’s notProfessional copywriters don’t just sit down and start writing copy. They have a processThere’s one key to your success. It’s simple. But it’s not easy

So, you’re thinking of becoming a copywriter in 2022…

I’m not surprised. In addition to all the shifts in the workforce since the pandemic, according to Google Trends, there’s also been a steady increase in worldwide interest in copywriting since 2015.


And it’s a pretty great career path.


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I landed three new clients and closed $12K using Facebook groups. This morning. Here’s how. ​​​​​​​

In 2019, I got booted off Upwork.

(More on that another time.)

Not long after, the one client I could count on to fill my calendar emailed to say they were moving most of their activity in-house.

They were ‘sorry’. But there simply wasn’t enough work to go around.

*Cue the alarm bells.*

Then came the pandemic. And with it came the budget cuts and more templated apology emails.

Just like that, my calendar began to look as empty as the toilet roll aisles. I had no income. And in my mind, no way

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What’s the onboarding flow to follow for onboarding emails?

An onboarding flow introduces the user to a product or service.

While onboarding flows usually include in-app messages, interactive walkthroughs, and emails, this post will focus on the role of emails in the user onboarding experience.

Customer acquisition can be costly.

Yet, most brands continue to spend increasing amounts on new user acquisition instead of trying to improve the onboarding experience.

A great user onboarding flow can be the difference between a user never logging back into your app and a user frequently returning to take advantage of your product benefits.


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Conversion copy course takeaways: Lessons that stuck with me


Conversion copywriting is more than just words – it’s about getting people to say “yes” Use your customer research to guide your value propositionLearn the 5 stages of awareness and write your copy for the stage your customer is inWhen writing any copy for use online, remember: One page – One goal

The free conversion copy course from Copyhackers was my introduction to conversion copywriting.

I discovered there was a method behind all the websites and sales pages I’d read – and I could learn how to write them!

Learning what

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How to write launch emails that sell out your next launch

Launch emails are emails written to build anticipation about a new release. They’re a great way to get subscribers excited about your offer and ready to buy when done right.

Whether you’re launching a product or a service, announcing your launch with a launch email sequence will be important to your success.

Just think.

You wouldn’t announce your wedding on the morning of the big day and expect your friends and family to show up.

(Not unless you want to end up at the venue alone, wondering why no one else

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Poo-Pourri commercials: Creating a stink-free brand voice.


Write your copy to humans from humansFocus on your One Reader and use their life to inspire your copyCreate brand messaging that’s consistent and a relatable brand personalityDetermine how your values match your customers’ values. Make sure those values are the foundation of every communication

I promise we’ll get to the comedic stylings of Poo-Pourri commercials, but first, we need to do a quick rundown on brand voice.

Just so we’re clear on what to listen for in the commercials.

What is a brand voice?

And how do you develop one

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Abandoned cart email example (+ 6 more) for your swipe file

Before we dive into each abandoned cart email example, let’s clarify what abandoned cart emails are. 


Abandoned cart emails are the emails you send to your customers when they have left their shopping carts without completing a purchase.

They’re also called “cart abandonment emails” or “cart recovery emails.” 

You can send the emails automatically or manually.

The purpose of an abandoned cart email is to remind your customers to complete the transaction they started.

You may also use it as a tool for upselling by offering additional products or services.

Now let’s dive into

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