Email CTRs: How welcome emails differ from nurture emails


Email CTRs (click-through rates) give valuable insight into email performance.CTR averages vary by industry and email type.The significant difference between welcome email CTR and nurture email CTR can be attributed to the buyer’s journey.Using action triggers is a simple way to improve your email CTR.

What is email CTR?

Email CTR, or email click-through rate, is a key email marketing metric that tells you how many subscribers who received an email clicked a link, image or button in that email.

How is CTR calculated?

To calculate the CTR for an email,

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7 copywriting research techniques conversion copywriters love


Conversion copywriting begins with research every timeYou can’t rely on 1 copywriting research technique. Compelling copy comes from multiple data pointsThe “messy middle” is real. Find a way to organize it

Joanna Wiebe, the original conversion copywriter, says that research is critical to the conversion copywriting process.

“This [research] tends to be the biggest part of the work, and if it’s not the biggest part of the work, 99% of the time, it means you’re doing it wrong.”Joanna Wiebe, creator of conversion copywriting

Conversion copywriters begin with research

Research is where you

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Writing emails for money: Can you make a living doing this?


You can make money writing emails because your clients make money sending those emailsLearning to write the most needed email sequences will help you specialize in emails and make a good living writing them

You can definitely make money writing emails

According to Campaign Monitor, 71.8% of small businesses use email to communicate regularly with their customers.

Business owners are aware that connecting with their customers is valuable.

And email is an effective way to connect.

But – are they aware of how to use conversion copywriting techniques to make them more

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What does click thru rate mean? Understanding CTR for PPC ads


Click Thru Rate (CTR) is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks on an ad by the total number of impressions the ad gets.The average CTR varies by ad platform and industry.You can use conversion copywriting techniques to improve your CTR and the performance of your ads.

When it comes to marketing, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are important.

Without KPIs, it’s difficult to know if our marketing methods are working. Are they actually yielding the desired results?

Without KPIs, everything becomes a guessing game.


One essential KPI for conversion copywriters

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What is conversion copywriting? Definition from the OG

So, what is conversion copywriting? Really?

Conversion copywriting is data-driven copy that gets prospects and visitors to say yes.

It’s a science-based process that helps you determine what to write and how to write it.

So you get that yes.

The term “conversion copywriting” was coined by Copyhackers founder and original conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe. 

Before we break down conversion copywriting, we need to address an important question.

Why conversion copywriting?

Joanna and her team consistently deliver results using conversion copywriting.

(Plus, she’s trained hundreds of copywriters on how to get similar results).

Results like:

Increased paid

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Can brand voice be your differentiator? If it’s unique enough.

Brand voice is what your readers hear in their heads when they read your copy.

It’s the way your brand’s personality comes through in your messaging.

To set yourself apart from others in your industry, you need to have something distinct in your business.

What does it mean to differentiate?

Differentiation happens when an aspect of your business differs from other similar businesses.

You can differentiate your business in a few ways:

Signature service or productProcessBrand voiceEducation or experience Niche or specialization

By focusing on the one feature that makes you

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A user journey example if you’re new to the term “user journey”

A user journey — also called buyer’s journey, user flow or user experience — is the experience a user has when interacting with your brand.

A user journey map, or user experience map, is the visual representation of this experience.

What is a user journey?

In an ideal world, your prospects would automatically find your website, read your home page and move straight to the CTA to buy your product or service.

But the world we operate in is far from ideal.

Your customer’s journey will not be a straight line

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