Can I make money from copywriting? A look at the possibilities

According to PayScale, the average base salary for a copywriter in the US is $54,797.

(To put that into perspective, the average base salary for a teacher in the US is $50,343, according to PayScale).

According to Glassdoor, a copywriter earns an estimated average annual salary of $90,657 in the United States.

This number includes those working in both in-house positions and for agencies. 

It also includes additional pay, which could be in the form of bonuses or commissions.

Of course, there are many factors that affect an individual copywriter’s earnings.

LocationLevel of

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7 ways to grow your email list (if you’re a new coach)


Your email list should be one of the most valuable assets in your coaching business.Quizzes are a great way for coaches to grow an email list. Fast.Consistently sharing valuable content and resources is one of the easiest ways to promote and grow your email list.

Are you a new coach without an email list?

Too many new coaches focus on the wrong tasks when starting their businesses.

They’re building a website, spending hours on social media or taking a course.

They don’t realize that growing an email list is more

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12 tips to write an “About Us” page that builds trust (and turns visitors into buyers)


#1 mistake when writing an About Us page: Thinking the About Us page isn’t important#2: Thinking the About Us page should focus on your companyYou can’t stand out in a crowded market by using the typical About page templatePotential customers need to trust you. A reader-centric About page will help achieve trust with curious customers

An effective About Us page is essential for any business.

A 2015 study by KoMarketing found that 52% of website visitors wanted to see About Us/Company information once they arrived on a company’s home page.


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Are copywriting jobs in demand?

Copywriters are in demand.

A quick search on LinkedIn revealed over 21,000 copywriter jobs in North America alone.


And over 5,000 of those were listed as entry-level copywriting jobs.


glassdoor had over 2,500 copywriter job listings.

Indeed had 967 remote copywriting job listings.

Set Indeed’s job filter to anywhere in the world, and you’ll see more than hundreds of copywriting jobs.

And a quick Google search revealed in-house copywriter jobs from a wide range of brands.

The supplement company in my small town is looking to fill a senior copywriter position.

And a few others

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Transform Data's Impact: Pick The Right Success KPI!

Your analysis provides clear data that the campaign was a (glorious) failure.
It could not be clearer.
The KPI you chose for your brand campaign was Trust, it had a pre-set target of +5. The post-campaign analysis that compares performance across Test & Control cells shows that Trust did not move at all. (Suspiciously, there are indications that in a handful of Test DMAs it might have gone down!)
Every so often, the story is just as simple as that.
You do the best you can with a marketing campaign (creative, audience, targeting, channels, media plan elements like duration, reach, frequency, media delivery quality elements like AVOC, Viewability, etc.), and sometimes the dice does not roll your way when you measure impact.
You would be surprised to know just how frequently the cause for failure is things that have nothing to do with the elements I mentioned above.  In future Premium editions we’ll cover a bunch of these causes, today I want to cover one cause that is in your control but often a root cause of failure:
Judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree!
AKA: You picked the wrong KPI for the campaign.
[Note 1: I’m going to use the phrase Success KPI a lot. To ensure clear focus, clear postmortems and clear accountability, I recommend identifying one single solitary metric as the Success KPI for the initiative. You can measure seven additional metrics – say for diagnostic purposes -, but there has to be just one Success KPI. Close accountability escape hatches.]
[Note 2: Although the guidance in this article applies to companies/analytics teams of all sizes, it applies in particular to larger companies and large agencies. It is there that the


The email click-through rate formula recommended by ActiveCampaign

An email click-through rate formula makes it easy for you to calculate the click-through rate for your email campaigns.

Email click-through rate is an effective indicator of email engagement.

How often have you opened an email without reading the email content, just to reduce that dreaded ‘Unread’ messages counter?

I can’t be the only one.

In fact, these days, it feels like the open rate is to emails what follower count is to social media accounts.

Nice to look at, but doesn’t always result in conversions.

This means email open rate — though

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