A Strategic System that Produces Powerful Content Marketing Campaigns

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the fun parts of content marketing. Being creative, writing articles, and seeing a post go live are all exciting and enjoyable parts of the job.
So, a lot of us jump right in, quickly publishing and sharing without taking much time to think about what we are doing and why. We are just excited to get our work out in the world.
And this is a problem.
Because effective content marketing that drives pre-planned business goals is strategic — not just fueled by initial excitement.
Let’s look at a system that will help you incorporate the fun parts of content marketing with a thoughtful plan to track your results.
Why smart content marketing is goal-driven
Goals differentiate strategic, results-driven content marketing from random, haphazard publishing.
When you approach content marketing without goals, your content marketing strategy is based on guesses. It’s difficult to see if your content produces value for your business.
And key performance indicators (KPIs) turn that guessing game into a strategic plan.
Goals and KPIs help you see where you are going, how you will get there, and if you took the right route to the finish line.
At the beginning of a campaign, they help you create a plan and decide:

What type of content to create
How much content to create
How to promote the content
Where to promote the content
How long to wait for results

And at the end of a campaign, they help you reflect on your work and:

Measure your success in concrete numbers
Determine your

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