Get Back to Basics to Crush It in 2017

One week from today, Copyblogger turns 11 years old.
In some ways, it feels like only yesterday that I came up with the concept for this blog in December of 2005 and launched it the next month. Except that I was 38 at the time, and now … I’m not (ahem).
There was plenty of emerging talk about commercial blogging going on back then, and Copyblogger was specifically designed to add to the conversation in a way that wasn’t being addressed. Fortunately, I had spent the previous 7 years figuring out how to build online audiences that built businesses.
Today we call that content marketing, and in this sense, a lot has changed in the last decade or so. Content is now a multi-billion-dollar industry churning out a massive volume of content — content that’s too often massively undifferentiated and uninspired.
In other words, much of it is missing the mark.
It’s (Still) All About the People
Compared with a decade ago, we now have all of this fabulous technology that allows us to implement automated conversion funnels, adaptive content experiences, and powerful segmented email marketing. To add to that, you’ll hear a lot about AI-driven chatbots, web-based virtual reality, and machine learning in 2017.
And yet, none of that matters without the basic stuff that we learned as bloggers all those years ago. It’s the human element that’s important, first and foremost.
At the foundation of what we do as digital marketers is influencing human psychology, telling creative stories, and delivering

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