Why Your Voice Matters More than Ever This Year

2016, right?
Such a strange, difficult year. Lots of us are thinking about the artists we lost — poets, musicians, cultural icons.
Of course, famous people die every year — but this one had a nasty streak. Bowie, Prince, Ali, Cohen, Fisher, and so many more. People who went far beyond entertaining us.
We never met them, but they changed everything.
Because they found the courage to speak, and sing, and cry out with real voices. Screwed up, weird, flawed, masterful. Sometimes broken, sometimes triumphant, but real.
Truth and courage
Every year, the first week of January inspires us to look ahead, to resolve to be better.
This year is not normal.
This year, it’s not “lose five pounds (again)” or “finally get the junk drawer organized.”
This year, our challenge is to be honest enough and brave enough to change the world.
You have something to say — whether it’s with your blog, with a podcast, with video, with your art or your music. You have something to contribute that no one else can.
We need that now.
You have a voice that’s irreplaceable. It can’t be turned into a clever algorithm. It can’t be duplicated and it can’t be churned out for a penny a word.
We need that now.
It’s about you
As we progress (if progress is the right word), one thing is clear: any time communication can be automated, it will be.
Sports scores, statistics, facts and figures. Anything that can be charted and analyzed by a machine can be turned into some form of

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