Let’s Get the Strategy Party Started

Last week, Brian Clark announced he was going to be joining us regularly this year on the blog.
On Monday, Brian actually came back to the blog. (We’re very happy.) He offered us a post that outlines three simple steps to crafting a content marketing strategy that works. Since “simple” steps aren’t necessarily “easy” steps, look for lots more details from Brian in the weeks to come. But this one will get your engine started.
I also published our “Content Excellence Challenge” prompts for January. I hope you’ll join us on these — they’re two fun (and not too tough) challenges that will make you a better, more creative professional. The prompts will change each month — and at the end of the year, you’ll be 16 percent taller and 73 percent better looking.
Or, perhaps more realistically, your content will be a lot better. Which is nice as well.
Those same prompts are also in this week’s Copyblogger FM episode, so you get to pick your poison.
On Tuesday, Jerod Morris proved that he’s definitely losing it — and so are you (and me). “It” is our ability to focus. He tried some strong measures to address his problems … and they’re working. Think you’d be able to do the same?
On Wednesday, I talked about the dangerous notion that we have to give up being “strategic” in order to be “authentic.” In fact, you need to be both … and if you exclude either one, your content marketing

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