Connect with Your Audience, Connect to Your Power

You may have noticed that our content this week shifted forward a day — we took Monday off to honor the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Then on Tuesday, we started talking a lot about connections — especially the connection with our audiences. Brian kicked things off with a post about one of my favorite topics — our ability to attract the kind of customers and clients we want, by thinking carefully about the type of messages we create.
The first step is to get very clear about who your people are (and aren’t). Brian has some specific exercises for you on how to do that.
Fear is the great enemy of connection. On Wednesday, I offered — from my viewpoint as a lifelong coward — some ideas about how to find the courage to be more genuine and how to handle some of those tricky days in a healthy way.
On Thursday, Robert Bruce, who’s been working hard behind the scenes at Rainmaker FM, emerged to break his long, public silence. If we’d thought this through, we would have timed it for Groundhog Day. Never mind — he shared his thoughts on some of the deep habits to cultivate when we want to create something worthwhile.
Over on the Unemployable podcast, Brian talked with Andrew Warner about how to become a (much) better interviewer. On Copyblogger FM, I gave some detailed thoughts on how to leave blog comments that truly build connection. (Sounds simple,

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